santa claus delivers presents n.
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Christmas Eve - Santa Claus PowerPoint Presentation
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Christmas Eve - Santa Claus - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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  1. Santa ClausDelivers Presents

  2. Mrs. Claus • It is Christmas Eve and Mrs. Claus is sleeping in her rocking chair.

  3. Santa Writes a Letter • Santa writes a letter to Mrs. Claus. • He says, "I love you, honey. I'll see you tomorrow morning. I have to deliver presents."

  4. Blows Out the Candle • Then Santa Claus blows out the candle.

  5. Santa Puts on His Jacket • He puts on his hat and jacket and goes outside.

  6. Flies Away in His Sleigh • It is cold and dark outside. • Santa gets into his sleigh and flies away.

  7. Presents Under Trees • He climbs down chimneys and puts presents under Christmas trees.

  8. Around the World • All night, Santa and his reindeer fly around the world delivering presents.

  9. The Last House • It is Christmas morning by the time Santa reaches the last house. • The sun is rising, and he must hurry.

  10. Cookies and Milk • He leaves presents for the children in the last house and then he eats the cookies and drinks the milk they have left for him.

  11. Out the Chimney • Suddenly, Santa hears the sound of footsteps from the hallway. • He hurries and climbs up the chimney.

  12. Santa Waves • When he reaches the rooftop, the sun is shining and a little girl sees him. • He waves and says, "Ho-ho-ho!Merry Christmas!"

  13. Merry Christmas