5 reasons why your sales team just cannot ignore n.
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5 reasons why your sales team just cannot ignore Artificial Intelligence anymore PowerPoint Presentation
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5 reasons why your sales team just cannot ignore Artificial Intelligence anymore

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5 reasons why your sales team just cannot ignore Artificial Intelligence anymore - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Taking advantage of AI tools can definitely help you increase your sales, which require that you be smarter and faster in order to stay ahead of the game. At the end of the day, increasing your sales all comes down to having the MOST data that can be instantly analyzed and turned into actionable strategies. Thus, AI can help you achieve your goals by working more effectively and saving you time to do what really matters.n

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5 reasons why your sales team just cannot ignore Artificial Intelligence anymore

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5 reasons why your sales team just cannot ignore

5 reasons why your sales team just cannot ignore Artificial

Intelligence anymore

If trends are to be believed, by 2030, AI will contribute to $15.7 trillion in the global economy. It is set to

make products and services better and expected to improve the GDP of North America by 14% in 2018.

Not far from now, more than 85% customer interactions will be managed without humans and will be

managed by AI enabled bots. There is another trend that confirms that by 2020, business buyers will

base their buying decisions on companies that know everything about their need. This implies that

companies will need to invest in predictive capabilities of AI.

AI can help you find answers to complicated questions such as:

•How can leads be sorted in a faster way and which are the ones to follow up?

•How can administrative tasks be reduced and focus can be directed towards follow ups?

•Which are the high-performing ads?

•Why are potential customers leaving items in the shopping cart?

•How can ads be personalized for each consumer?

•How can customer experience and engagement be improved?


The modern-day consumers are changing so the way lead generation will happen is changing. The sales

team just cannot ignore AI anymore. Marketers will be able to generate more leads, qualify and convert

them better with the use of AI marketing tools. AI will also be able to help you know your customers and

prospects in a better way.

what are some of the ways that ai can benefit

What are some of the ways that AI can benefit lead generation process?

1.Better insights into leads

AI systems are better at processing data as these can analyze and process huge amounts of data in no

time. There are chances that humans might miss important insights that are critical in the sales process.

There are AI platforms that can analyze the data from multiple social platforms, analyze their behaviors

and understand the consumer interests. The AI systems are sophisticated enough to even analyze user

pictures to understand their demographic interests. It may not seem believable today but social media

preferences reveal a lot about users. For example, Facebook likes uncovers what a person is interested


There are some other AI tools that analyze human language from marketing automation tools, CRM and

social media. Based on the results, it personalizes the pitch that should be made to that consumer.

2.Discover new leads

There are AI systems that help you to analyze connections between existing customers and their

network. It can evaluate relation between people, companies and products. It can give you a report on

the most likely consumers for your products/ service. There are AI software that can integrate with the

marketing automation software that your enterprise is using. There is LinkedIn Sales Navigator that

helps you to find the most suitable leads on LinkedIn.

3.Increase your conversions

There are AI tools that use intelligent automation and predictive data to help you repeat business (with

suggested campaigns that will work best for customers and most likely get high conversions).

Beyond human capability, there are AI-powered tools that can even personalize website content to

enhance engagement of visitors. With a higher engagement, there are more conversions and sales.

4.Automate the routine sales and marketing functions

When time and resources are limited, the sales and marketing people wish to spend the least amount of

time on administrative tasks and focus more on strategic initiatives. Surveys reveal that marketers spend

as high as one third of their time in such mundane tasks, which is also unavoidable. AI can help in in this

domain too. AI can provide related technologies such as machine learning and predictive analytics to

optimize marketing campaigns and enhance the customer experience for brands. AI systems are capable

of learning over a period and provide deeper analysis for better decision making. Therefore, several

tasks that eat away a lot of the marketers’ time can be automated to move ahead of competitors.

5.Optimized marketing campaigns and personalized content

AI tools can optimize the budget for digital campaigns, target better, personalize, and all of this is

possible in real time. It can give accurate and complete picture of where marketing funds should be

directed for best results. There are AI tools that can optimize the campaign and personalize the content

as per the preferences of users. It can design the right message for the optimum channel and help to

leverage customer data to create more meaningful engagements. Tweaking of campaigns is also

possible on the fly depending on the response to ensure that the potential customers don’t slip away.

conclusion it s no longer true that ai is meant


It’s no longer true that AI is meant only for the big brands. Small and mid-sized businesses need to

leverage from AI and all the marketing engines that it can help automate. It is beyond doubt that AI can

help your marketers and sales team to spend less time on non-productive work and focus more on

helping the business grow. If you wish to use AI to alleviate the challenges of your sales team and boost

your sales pipeline, you can fill up a form, and we’ll be in touch with you right away.

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