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Legal help from affordable lawyers

We pride ourselves on providing reliable

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Legal help from affordable lawyers

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  1. Lawyers interpret the law through actions and words for the protection of an individual, a business concern or an idea. They must be widely versed in a great many areas: the law, economics, history, human motivation and behavior, and the practicalities of day to day living. They research, interview witnesses and inform the clients of their legal rights and obligations. They offer their opinion on how to handle legal situations. Lawyers can be trial attorneys representing one of the parties in civil and criminal cases.

  2. Lawyers are both advocates and advisors. They help solve--or prevent--legal problems for others. For example, a lawyer might: • Assist in drafting a will. • Help a merchant sue a customer for unpaid bills. • Advise someone who is seeking a divorce. • Prepare mortgages and other loan documents for a bank. • Research a tax law in international trade for a corporate executive. • Prosecute a defendant in a criminal trial. • Help an impoverished tenant with a landlord dispute.

  3. Every lawyer specializes in a specific field, and knowing your lawyer's field of expertise will ensure that you get the help you need. Lawyers/attorneys can be separated into two groups: criminal and civil. Criminal lawyers deal with corporate law, personal injury cases, and crimes. Here, you will find a list of the main types of lawyer, as well as the different subgroups. • Divorce Lawyers • Civil Lawyers • Bankruptcy lawyers

  4. Family lawyers • Criminal Lawyers • Accident Lawyers • Malpractice Lawyers • Immigration Lawyers • Injury Lawyers • Tax Lawyers

  5. Accredited Family Law Specialists At Le BrunGlezakos Lawyers, we pride ourselves on providing a prompt and reliable service tailored to your needs. We are a long established legal firm, having served the community for over 40 years. We are also members of the Law Institute of Victoria, and our team of lawyers includes an Accredited Family Law Specialist.

  6. Services • We understand that your needs are unique. We focus on addressing your needs, and ensuring that we tailor an approach that is suitable for you. • Comprehensive service • Flexible fee arrangements • Convenient • Multilingual

  7. We also understand that with the pressures of work, family and social commitments, it is not always easy to make time to attend to matters during regular business hours. This is why we provide flexible appointments, even outside of normal business hours. All our solicitors and staff are focused on meeting the needs of our clients, and providing a prompt, efficient service. We guarantee that the job will be done when we say it will be done.

  8. Postal : P.O. Box 2068 • WERRIBEE VIC 3030 • Facsimile : (03) 9741 9787 • E-Mail : mail@lebrunglezakos.com.au • Website : www.lebrunglezakos.com.au

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