use generic propecia to control hair loss n.
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Generic Propecia for Hair Loss in Men PowerPoint Presentation
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Generic Propecia for Hair Loss in Men

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Generic Propecia for Hair Loss in Men - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Generic Propecia for Hair Loss in Men

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  1. Use Generic Propecia to controlHair Loss

  2. Generic Propecia Generic Propecia is a potent medicine for hair loss control. The drug is used in male pattern baldness or alopecia. It is FDA approved medication. Finasteride is the main component in this medicament. The drug promotes hair growth irrespective of age and medical history.

  3. How Generic Propecia works? Generic Propecia has the main ingredient Finasteride. It acts in the following way to prevent hair loss and restore hair growth- Finasteride is an active component that is also termed as five alpha-reductase inhibitor. The drug inhibits the enzyme five alpha-reductase that transforms testosterone to DHT. After this activity the DHT levels decreases in the body. Thus, assisting men to stop hair loss and achieve hair growth.

  4. Dosage of Generic Propecia? Consume 1mg, orally, one time a day. Take the dose with sufficient water. You can have the tablet with or without meal. It is important to take the dose regularly on fixed time. Elderly individuals should seek medical consultation for dose adjustment.

  5. Precautionary measure while consuming Generic Propecia Do not take the drug if you are sensitive to Finasteride or any other ingredient. The drug is not recommended for use in children and women. Pregnant and nourishing women should stay away from the medicine.

  6. Precautionary measure while consuming Generic Propecia Inform your doctor about any underlying health issues or undergoing any medication treatment. Do not self-medicate or increase the dose on your own.

  7. Probable side effect while consuming Generic Propecia Headache Skin Rashes Pain in testicles Abnormal breathing Swelling of hands and feet Swelling and tenderness in breasts

  8. Probable Side Effect while consuming Generic Propecia The side effects are generally mild or moderate, and they disappear in some time, as body gets accustomed to the dose. If the side effect becomes serious or prolongs, then seek immediate medical care.

  9. Benefits of Generic Propecia FDA approved medication Safe, efficacious and readily acting Easily available at cost effective rate Also effective in older adults and genetically predisposed individual

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