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Tips to get top in search engines PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips to get top in search engines

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Tips to get top in search engines
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Tips to get top in search engines

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  1. Tips to get the top of search engines By, Goten,

  2. TOP TIPS: 1. LEARN & IMPLEMENT MARKETING BASICS • Start with a plan. No matter how many buzzwords, new paradigms, disruptive technologies are introduced, SEO at its most fundamental is marketing • Attacking SEO without a plan is like trying to row a boat with no oars - you might eventually get somewhere, but it won't be where or when you wanted to arrive • Answer at least these questions: • What is your expertise? • What is your differentiation? • Why should users care? • Who is your likely competition?

  3. STRUCTURE TO YOUR SITE: • Plan your site for topical expertise, organized in a well-siloed, easy to navigate structure. • Research your keywords! • Structure your site around intent-based topics, ensuring content is siloed and distinct • Dividing up your site into relevant content topics gives both users and search engines an easy way to identify your expertise, and relevant topics to rank for.

  4. DESIGN FOR MULTIPLE SCREENS • Create a user-friendly site design that works well and fast across all devices – especially mobile and tablet • Responsive design isn't a brand new idea, but having ubiquitous browser support is! • The process must begin with a site review on different devices to see if: • Different screen sizes present obvious and usable interfaces • Mobile or tablet users see views customized to their devices • Interface changes based on platform or device are logical and maintain some consistency across platforms

  5. WRITE ENOUGH CONTENT • There are no ideal lengths of content, only enough to satisfy user intent and the context in which they're querying • Write just enough and not too much • Media mister take care the such a points at the time of designing pages • The answer should consider primarily: • The page’s uniqueness • Its value to users • Its accessibility from a site’s homepage

  6. TAG YOUR CONTENT • Standard tags such a meta description, title, and header tags are still important for user engagement and core SEO optimization • New and necessary tags, OG for Facebook, Twitter Cards, and micro data formats are no-brainers • Social tags are often overlooked, but Open Graph (OG) tags have gained importance as Facebook's Graph Search continues to build and improve to a usable state

  7. CONCLUSION • There’s probably another 50+ tips to get yourself to the top of the Search Engines results, but we will stop here • These sources are very helpful to you for increase your ranking. • For more information, visit