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Restore Your Enjoyment of Food with Dental Implants

Welcome, this is Dr. Edward Brant and I am very glad you found my website! I have been providing quality care for periodontal disease and dental implant treatment to the Long Island region since 1994. Dentists refer to me and patients refer their friends and family to me because of my reputation as a “perfectionist”. http://thelongislandperiodontist.com

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Restore Your Enjoyment of Food with Dental Implants

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  1. Restore Your Enjoyment of Food with Dental Implants Let us be blunt. Full dentures are not pleasurable for anyone. You can watch all the advertisements about how effective denture glue is, but it does not matter. It is not the same as having your own teeth. They affect the taste of food. You try to eat something tough and they might pop out. The solution is to throw the dentures away and replace them with Long Island dental implants. Dental implants Long Island periodonist can install will restore you ability to taste food and eliminate the problems with teeth popping out. Dental implants are permanent. They are not a surface mounted option like dentures and bridges, but are actually installed into your jaw bone giving you the feeling of nature teeth.

  2. The Three Parts of the Dental Implant Dental implants most accurately are made up of three components, the implant, a post, and a cap, but we will not try to explain those details in depth here. That explanation is best handled by the Saint James periodonist who will be doing your dental implants. He can show you examples of the simple implant which goes into your jaw bone to provide stability, the post which attaches into the implant, and the crown which becomes the visible component of your implant. You might be interested in if it is possible to preserve your natural teeth before requiring the installation of implants. This is an area a periodonist can help you with. Recently a new form of therapy called periodontal laser therapy has become very popular. It avoids the need to have the painful incisions and cleaning which how been required to save teeth. The laser does the deep cleaning which can help stop gum disease and tooth decay, allowing you to retain more teeth and avoid dentures and dental implants. It is important to understand that the office in Long Island dental implants are being installed from does not require you are missing all of your teeth. Dental implants are effective for replacing a single tooth or a few teeth at a time. The preferred method is to replace teeth at they are needed, but make sure to discuss the process in depth with your Long Island periodonist.

  3. Dental Implants Require Planning Getting dental implants is not something you will be doing on the spur of the moment. The process is done over a series of months as the extraction are done, the implant installed, and the crown added. While the process often seems long to patients the durability, improved biting power, and better appearance last a lifetime. Dentures cannot match the ability of the dental implants Long Islandperiodonist installs. The starting point of the entire process starts with making an appointment with the periodonist for a full evaluation of your mouth, tooth condition, gums, and your desires. You can then setup a plan of creating a smile which is long lasting, powerful, and restores your ability to taste food that dentures may have robbed. Dental implants are an exciting way to change your smile. Discover what they can do for you.

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