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6 Steps to Avoid in Software Testing PowerPoint Presentation
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6 Steps to Avoid in Software Testing

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6 Steps to Avoid in Software Testing
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6 Steps to Avoid in Software Testing

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  1. 6 Steps to Avoid in Software Testing

  2. Software Testing can point out defects and errors which occur during the development phase.

  3. To simulate how end users will use software, test cases are essential.

  4. But to ensure quality and performance during testing stage, some steps have to be strictly avoided.

  5. The 6 Steps to Avoid in Software Testing are…

  6. 1. Reporting Without Investigation

  7. Reporting a bug in the software without investigating the depth of the matter can lead to wastage of time.

  8. 2. Not Allowing Suggestions

  9. Allowing suggestions from a software tester who has in-depth knowledge of the software can really help improve a software’s quality.

  10. 3. Dependency on Specification Document

  11. A software tester should be given freedom to work freely and not limit the tester from initiating the test on his or her own premises.

  12. “Software testers do not make software; they only make them better.”

  13. 4. Being Rigid on Tester Qualification

  14. Relying solely on qualifications to find a suitable tester may not be a wise decision.

  15. A reliable testeris one who can write comprehensive bug reports, have an investigative mind and remain consistent even at times of pressure.

  16. 5. Limiting the Tester’s Access Only to the Testing Phase

  17. By allowing the tester to access test software and gain knowledge about the framework, software development project can be completed even before time….

  18. And could even simplify the process of software quality analysis and testing.

  19. 6. Dependency on Automated Tools

  20. Software Testing should be done with both manual and automated processes to save time and prevent inaccurate reports.

  21. Benefits of Optimized Software Testing • It brings down the risk of errors and incidents of failure once the software is deployed. • Proof that business requirements have been satisfied is provided. • Assurance about integration with legacy system. • Customers will have a seamless user experience.

  22. For an organization to leverage IT growth, it must ensure that software testing be given adequate attention and be carried out with due diligence.

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