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Why are underwear so important? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why are underwear so important?

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Why are underwear so important? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why are underwear so important?

Have you ever talked to a person who says “I really don’t wear underwear?”

No? Basically it seems as if the majority of the people are proud to wear

underwear. If someone tells you that they don’t wear underwear, you may

not even be tempted to convert them. This may be because you want to help

them to see the error of their ways.

Let us discuss the importance of underwear styles so that the people who do

not wear one will think they should invest some in underwear.


1. Hygienic-

Hygiene is one of the most important answer to the question of why should

we wear underwear. Hygiene was the factor for the popularity of underwear.

If you really choose to go commando, you will suffer rashes that can happen

when, your skin of private area rubs against the pants.

2. Comfort and Confident-

One of the best reasons that why people wear underwear is because it help

them to feel very comfortable and confident within themselves.

It also adds sex appeal and makes a man feel more seductive.

3. Maintains Privacy-

Underwear prevents a show if your baggy pant falls down. Also, it helps

when you wear shorts that are loose or wide. Wearing an underwear

maintains privacy of your private area.

4. Protects your private areas-

Basically when you have underwear, it keeps everything together and

protective. For example, men’s jockstraps or boxer briefs provide the desired

support and protection. Also, you won’t have to worry about your sensitive

areas moving around or while doing any physical activities.

All the above is mentioned about the importance of wearing underwear. Also,

gives awareness to you all. So it is important to wear underclothes as it’s

keep you hygienic and provide

protection yo your private areas. Shop now