Aspects Of Intymen Thongs
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Aspects of intymen thongs

Aspects Of Intymen Thongs

Intymen has always been looked upon as one of the sportiest men’s

underwear brands that incorporate a lot of hidden secrets to the

right visibility, comfort and sporty appeal in every style that it

offers. The assortment of men’s thong underwear is classy and very

sexy. This blog talks about the aspects of the respective apparel


Let us look at the features in thongs by Intymen that made it


1. Comfort: This is the first aspect that is needed to keep it going

the entire day. Fabric composition is kept to the basic with nylon

and spandex combination that allow ample leg movement. Hence,

comfort is the key to everyday wear.

Aspects of intymen thongs

2. Sporty: Unlike the other brands the assortment of men’s thongs

by Intymen is crafted to be one of the sportiest lines. It is very hard

to believe that thongs can be sporty but the brand makes sure that

exotic underwear style can very well be used as a daily wear as

well as for sports purposes.

3. Pouch options: The entire category is enhancing and elevating.

You’ll find every product that lifts the package front and forward.

You can also call the range as pouch thong underwear that

enhances the visibility.

4. Hidden secret: The thongs in the inventory feature

extraordinary pouch options that not only cradle your jewel in the

piping outline; it comforts and provides more room for the shaft.

The thong features a C-Ring for a snug fit and a lifted position for

a protruded bulge in the pants.

5. Ventilating: The construction of the skimpy apparel allows a lot

of air to pass through and keeps the privates ventilated. Hence,

thongs are considered to be perfect to be worn in the summer

months to keep everything cool and ventilated down there.

These are the features of thongs for men by Intymen. Check them

out and start collecting at