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Blockchain Based Enterprise Applications PowerPoint Presentation
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Blockchain Based Enterprise Applications

Blockchain Based Enterprise Applications

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Blockchain Based Enterprise Applications

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  2. ABOUT US Interwork is a new age Software Solutions Company, focused on helping Enterprises globally in their Digital Innovation Journey. Ever changing factors like Government Regulations, Corporate Laws, Geopolitical Situations and many more like this are pushing the enterprises to be more adaptive and flexible and constantly keep on changing the way they do business. With a much larger interdependent and open world economy, enterprises are adopting newer strategies to remain relevant in and ahead of the competition in their business and digital transformation is one such strategy which nobody can ignore in today’s world. Read More W W W . I N T E R W O R K . B I Z

  3. SERVICES We at Interwork can help you navigate through your blockchain journey and you can trust our team consisting of industry focussed domain experts and Blockchain evangelists, architects, developers, testers and implementation experts. No matter where you are in the journey, whether you are just getting started or actively moving into production, we work very closely with you in ideation, identifying the benefits and challenges, architecting and building use cases and implementing them. While we do that we engage ourselves with different stakeholders across the organization in Business, IT infrastructure, Infosec and legal to build production- ready solutions. Blockchain Based Applications W W W . I N T E R W O R K . B I Z

  4. PRODUCTS Blockchain Based Enterprise Applications Blockchain Solution for Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry Blockchain Solution for Aerospace & Defence Industry Blockchain Solution for Oil & Gas Industry Blockchain Solution for Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Industry W W W . I N T E R W O R K . B I Z

  5. BLOCKCHAIN SOLUTION FOR HEALTHCARE & LIFE SCIENCES INDUSTRY Why Blockchains for Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry? Highly Scalable & Protected Database Precise and Transparent Medical Business Operations Research Oriented Applications W W W . I N T E R W O R K . B I Z

  6. BLOCKCHAIN SOLUTION FOR AEROSPACE & DEFENCE INDUSTRY What Blockchains bring to the Aerospace & Defense Industry? 360° Data Security Data immutability Completely customizable Blockchain solutions W W W . I N T E R W O R K . B I Z

  7. BLOCKCHAIN SOLUTION FOR OIL & GAS INDUSTRY Why Blockchains in the Oil and Gas Industry? Highly efficient on-field operations Full proof digital quality check Transparent, Sustainable Supply Chain Management W W W . I N T E R W O R K . B I Z

  8. BLOCKCHAIN SOLUTION FOR BFSI INDUSTRY Why Blockchains for BFSI? Seamless customer onboarding Business across borders Transparent business process W W W . I N T E R W O R K . B I Z

  9. CONTACT US Website Mailing address H 196, Sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh -201307  India Email address Phonenumber +91-120-4211755