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Singapore interior design PowerPoint Presentation
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Singapore interior design

Singapore interior design

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Singapore interior design

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  1. Interior Decoration Singapore Over 50 Years of Interior Design, Carpentry & Renovation in Singapore Pte. Ltd., formerly known as Carpenter Productions, is an expansion from the current Ban Yew Timber and Renovation Construction. Established in 2010 as an interior design firm and carpentry workshop by Yen Lau, our professional pool of interior designers and decorators will make your renovation a smooth sailing process.

  2. Interior Designer Singapore Interior design Singapore concepts can help create a relaxed new mood in contemporary living, combining shapes and textures that create modern Asian living rooms. The renovation in Singapore involves luxury homes, offices and design hotels all over the country. The main characteristic of Singapore renovation is that the seating in invitingly low-lung and laid- back, where the cushions are plush and abundant. The interior design Singapore expert emphasizes the heightened appreciation for light and air.

  3. Singapore interior designs are some of the most progressive interior design companies in the world. Offering the best services, they make the most of the available spaces creating an interior that is pleasing as well as functional and offered at the best prices. It makes use of latest ideas, Interior design in Singapore and global trends, and contemporary architecture. In Singapore, special features include designs and other facilities like swimming pools, security and gardens with apartment living. Housing patterns are elegant, including furnishing from both exterior and interior. Usually, interior designs of the house include the hall way, kitchen, dining room, the hall of the house and extra facilities like gaming spots that are included in the design of the house.

  4. Singapore interior designis influenced by Western homes where the living room is the space that conveys status. As the visitors enter the formal entrance, the doors lead into other rooms, making the doors functional in nature. Since Singapore is a tropical country, the designers deemed it best to keep open-air doors that embrace the outdoors as part of the living space. This is the concept of living in tropical countries in Asia like Singapore.

  5. For more information about our company, visit here - Call us today at :- 6749 2258