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Social Media Effects on Politics PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Media Effects on Politics

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Social Media Effects on Politics
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Social Media Effects on Politics

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  1. Social Media Effects on Politics

  2. Social Media Influence on peoples

  3. social media as a platform • Do you remember the Modi wave in the 2014 elections? The internet was full of such promotional activities during that time. • Not only the ruling party but even the other parties are taking the help of digital marketing companies in Delhi NCR in order to use social media as a platform to reach the youth of the country to introduce their political agenda to their target audience. This change was quite important. • Around 40% of their potential voters consisted of the youth which is highly connected to the digital world.

  4. custom-tailored messages • The digitalmarketing agencies in Delhi NCR helps the political parties in posting about their works and the activities. • social media which helps in engaging people and letting them know about their work ultimately spreading awareness and increasing support. • also helps indirect targeting. Through social media, the politicians and candidates can select their target audience and pitch their promotions accordingly. • They can send custom-tailored messages according to the different set of target audience.

  5. Pros and cons • On the other hand political presence on social media also has the disadvantage of false or fake news spreading very quickly. • It is not at all easy to differentiate between false news and genuine news about the politicians, political parties or the opposition parties. • The followers on the social media platforms tend to believe whatever they are being shown even when there is no known source available for the news. But not all news and posts are false.

  6. Social Media Affect

  7. several ways of promotion • Facebook is one of the most widely used social platforms. T • he political parties have created their official pages on which they keep posting the latest political updates and happenings. • On the other hand, Twitter is being widely used as a content marketing platform by the political parties. • YouTube has also made its way into politics as the parties are using it for broadcasting their promotional videos instead of the traditional television promotional techniques, helping them in saving a huge amount of money.

  8. holds a great political future • Social media holds a great political future as more and more people are getting involved with the digital world. • Political parties can take the help of INTERACTIVE PIXEL which is one of the most renowned names in providing services like SMM in Delhi NCR. • The next elections might see a tremendous increase in the usage of social media platforms for the promotions by the political leaders.

  9. Real Vote Bank

  10. Interactive Pixels Digital Solutions New Delhi, India (+91) - 75030-10601