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Web Based Electronic Parts Catalogue Software - Intelli Catalog PowerPoint Presentation
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Web Based Electronic Parts Catalogue Software - Intelli Catalog

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Web Based Electronic Parts Catalogue Software - Intelli Catalog - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Intelli Catalogue is a digitalized version of the manual Spare Parts Catalog, where all the data related to spare parts & accessories of the concerned OEMs are available. For Demo Visit our website or call us @ 918800195313

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web based electronic parts catalogue software

Web Based Electronic Parts Catalogue Software

Intelli Catalogue is a digitalized version of the manual spare parts catalog. It is a Spare Parts Catalog

Software where all the data related to spare parts and accessories of the concerned OEMs are available. It is

basically a product management system to meet all the requirements of the dealers related to spares. All the

required information is stored on the server and the system is back end updated. Separate modules are

there for different tasks. The changes to be done and the information to be added if any can be easily done.

Other unique features available include Order Management, ECI & ECN Automation and e-commerce

facility. It provides a one-stop solution to OEMs for their spare parts management and efficient aftermarket

sales. It is fully supported with assembly drawings (2D) and the graphics and has advanced search features.

Web based electronic parts catalogue software is highly efficient and comparatively less error prone product

management system. The communication system with the dealers has been greatly improved due to the use

of such software systems resulting in fewer part shortages at the showroom level. The users can define the

product structure at different levels as per their requirements and can add and update details as and when

required. The user can define the exact part with part no, description, pricing at the last level of product


Electronic spare parts catalogue makes spare part management and order management very easy. It is far

better than the manual catalogue since it is easy to update with latest information and provides easy search

options as well as storefront to dealers for effective aftermarket sales.

By managing information through the parts catalogue both the time and resources of OEMSs are saved. The

catalogue gives a centralized setup through which the resources can be managed with ease. The possibility of

errors and omissions are comparatively less. The use of software system automatically avoids any kind of

communication gap or information delay.

The data can be inserted into the database of the catalogue in excel or pdf formats. The system provides the

utility tool which allows the user to upload data from various sources. The prices of the parts are mentioned

where the user can change the part qty. The system has a default qty which is based on the usage of the part

in a given assembly which can be updated by the user in the order list whereby the default qty of part in the

assembly remains the same. The user can also define different validity periods for a single part for different


The Spare Parts Catalogue Software OEM Features

Web based part catalog can be instantly updated. New parts and accessories can be added as soon as

they are introduced in the market.

With this online catalogue software, the obsolete ones can be easily deleted and the new ones added.

The spare part management becomes an easy task with the use of software.

OEMs need to provide ECI and ECN to the dealers when they modify any design of the product. This

process is automated by the use of web based parts catalog.

The software gives storefront for dealers which allow them to place correct order in just few clicks.

The dealers can easily find the accurate parts with the help of part number, assembly diagram etc.

and can place their order.

The ordering process has been made as easy as in an e-commerce website. The electronic spare parts

catalogue software has been integrated with ERP, DMS, PLM, CAD, PDM etc.

The software provides easy order management system. Dealers can track their orders without

repeatedly checking with the OEMs.

The software is available on different platforms like Android, IOS, tab, web, CD/DVD, Desktop etc.

Mobile app is also there for easy accessibility.

security of data is one of the major concerns

Security of Data is one of the major concerns of companies and Intelli catalog software ensures it.

There is advanced security feature to secure the user-related information.

The return process becomes less time consuming and easy for both dealers as well as OEMs due to


Benefits of Electronic Spare Parts Catalog to OEM

Electronic spare part catalogue is cost effective since it directly curtails the cost involved in printing

and distribution of the manual catalogue.

The maintenance of manual catalogue made of paper is difficult since it needs protection from

moisture, heat etc. also these go in bad condition within a year thereby incurring costs of reprinting.

One need to pay some annual charges in case of EPC Management Solution thereby reducing the

maintenance cost.

Manual processes generally have a high risk of errors in comparison to an automated process. Errors

most commonly occur while mentioning or reading the part numbers. With an online software the

chances of errors are less since graphics are available with every part number so one can easily

resemble the part before ordering. Orders can also be placed by scanning the QR code.

Forecasting sales is very important for effective aftermarket sales. Electronic Spare Parts Catalogue

Software allows forecasting sales and maintaining the inventory accordingly. OEMs easily get to

know the demands of its spare parts i.e., ones with higher demand and the ones with lower demand.

This way they can forecast their sales.

The aftermarket sales is greatly boosted due to easy availability of original spare parts, sales

forecasting feature, easy ordering process etc.

Intelli Catalogue features for dealers

The web-based spare parts catalog software contains 2D assembly drawings, graphics etc. which

helps the dealers to identify the accurate spare parts. The EPC Management Solution allow to

navigate the catalog via assembly groups, parts etc.

The software has a unique accidental repair feature. The dealers in order to place order to rebuild the

vehicle just need to select the model number and encircle the damaged area. All parts of that area

will be shown with part number and other required details.

The order sheet can be easily created by selecting the required spare parts and can be easily imported

into excel, send via mail or used directly for placing the order.

The price list maintenance for dealers is flexible through the software since they can easily increase

or decrease the price based on their profit margin.

The delivery process is sometimes hampered due to wrong address mentioned in the bills. This

software has a feature which ensures that the address provided by the user is valid and


The ordering process available through this software provides the ease of using an e-commerce site

since it is integrated with ERP, DMS, SAP etc.

The software is available in various formats such as for web, desktop, Android, IOS, CD/DVD etc.

Benefits of Intelli Catalogue for Dealers

The dealers are benefitted both in monetary and non-monetary terms.

Through the use of software the chances of wrong order placing is not there which reduces the

customer support expenditure.

The software proves very useful in case of circulating the information related to change in the design

of the spare part.

the software eases the customer experience making

The software eases the customer experience making them happy.

The software gives the experience of an e-commerce site thus providing storefront for direct spare

parts sales which creates a new profit center for the dealers.

One of the major benefits of Electronic Spare Part Catalog Software is that it greatly helps in increasing the

aftermarket sales solutions for OEMs which is actually its major profit centers. With the use of software

system the duplicity of data is eradicated and helps to meet the real-time demands of dealers and end-users.

Electronic spare parts catalog software helps OEM to get maximum profit from its aftermarket sales. The

original spares and accessories are easily available to the dealers as well as to the end users which promotes

aftermarket sales.

There are few unique features of Electronic Spare Parts Catalog which helps to increase the aftermarket


It offers a storefront to all the dealers just like an e-commerce website.

It also offers a storefront to the end users through the dealership network. The original spares and

accessories are easily available to the end users.

The ordering process is far much easier for both end users and dealers. The software makes the latest

spare and the accessories available to the end users even before they enter the local market.

The Electronic parts catalog is accessible through devices such as tablet and smart phones. There is

native IOS and Android app available.

Intelli Catalog has made the best use of latest technology. The end users generally don’t purchase original

equipment if the warranty comes to an end because it takes quite a long time and requires them to visit the

dealer. Intelli Catalog has advanced features which makes it easily available to the end users and OEMs.

The effective online presence and customer support apart from aftermarket sales helps in building the brand

image and Intelli Catalog software system is a one stop solution for increasing the aftermarket sales as well

as enhancing the growth rate of business.

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