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Top 5 benefits of Electronic Spare Part Catalog for OEM PowerPoint Presentation
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Top 5 benefits of Electronic Spare Part Catalog for OEM

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Top 5 benefits of Electronic Spare Part Catalog for OEM - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Every machine is built from hundreds and hundreds of spare parts and every OEM deals in a large number of machines with multiple models to match the varying demand of customers. However, managing thousands of spare parts has become a challenging task for OEMs.

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top 5 benefits of electronic spare part catalog

Top 5 benefits of Electronic Spare Part Catalog for OEM

In past few years, digitalization has taken place at quite a fast pace. Every business is looking forward to

digitalizing manual processes for the effective and efficient functioning of the organization.

OEMs are also digitalizing their spare parts catalogue for easy spare parts management, spare identification

and a lot more. Digitalizing spare parts Catalog offers multiple benefits to OEMs, below listed are the top 5

benefits of electronic spare parts Catalog for OEM, let’s have a look –

Huge Cost Saving – New spare parts keep on approaching the market every now and then which

generates the need for updating catalogue on regular basis. However, updating manual catalogue is a time

consuming and costly process as it requires entire Catalog to be reprinted and redistributed. Digitalizing

spare parts Catalog reduces this cost to the minimum as with digital catalogue, OEMs only need to make

changes via admin panel and it reflects to the dealers worldwide. This leads to huge cost saving on regular


Instant Updates – Updating a manual Catalog takes time and these updates are also not possible on an

instant basis which makes the catalogue obsolete. In addition, keeping the information about the updated

spares becomes a challenging task. However, digital spare parts Catalog allow you to make instant updates

with just a click of a mouse. You can easily update the Catalog within no time and introduce the new or

modified spare part in the market.

Enhanced Aftermarket Sales of Spares –Digital Catalog also play a vital role in increasing the

aftermarket sales of spares. With EPC software, companies also provide storefront to dealers and

distributors which allow them to place order with just a mouse click. Placing an order with manual spare

parts Catalog is a hard task as order needs to be created manually. With digital Catalog dealers just need to

select the spare parts following the checkout process similar to an e-commerce website which facilitates

aftermarket sales.

inventory management managing inventory is really

Inventory Management –Managing inventory is really important for uninterrupted sales of spares but

keeping the record manually is prone to errors. Digital catalogue not only digitalizes the manual Catalog but

also helps in inventory management. This software is integrated with numerous other software like SAP,

DMS etc. which automates inventory management and helps OEM to maintain inventory in accordance with

the market demand.

Sales Forecasting – Aftermarket sales form one of the major profit centres for OEMs and sales

forecasting feature of electronic spare parts Catalog helps them to reap maximum profit. Sales forecasting

helps the OEMs to identify fast moving spares, slow-moving spares etc. which helps them to analyse and

meet the demand of the market.

In addition to the above-listed benefits, there are numerous other benefits of online spare parts Catalog such

as low maintenance cost, error-free order process, fewer backorders, easy order management and a lot

more. Thus, digitalizing manual spare parts Catalog helps OEMs to manage spare parts effectively and

efficiently as well as serves a long way in boosting aftermarket sales.

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