breast cancer insurance is the need of the hour n.
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Breast Cancer Insurance Is The Need Of The Hour! PowerPoint Presentation
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Breast Cancer Insurance Is The Need Of The Hour!

Breast Cancer Insurance Is The Need Of The Hour!

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Breast Cancer Insurance Is The Need Of The Hour!

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  1. Breast Cancer Insurance Is The Need Of The Hour!

  2. Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer affecting women in Singapore and across the world. In fact, almost one out of every sixteen women in Singapore will get a breast cancer diagnosis at some point. Those numbers are pretty high indeed. This raises the important question – are you adequately covered for breast cancer? While your health insurance can help you tackle the hospitalisation bills, you might need more help financially. That help can come in the form of breast cancer insurance.

  3. How does breast cancer insurance cover you? Breast cancer insurance is a microinsurance product that offers coverage exclusively for breast cancer. Under this insurance plan, the insured individual receives a lump sum payout if they are diagnosed with any stage of breast cancer. The payout could be around S$10,000. A breast cancer insurance plan will also have a waiting period and a survival period too. The waiting period is generally around 90 days from the policy start date and a survival period of 7 days upon diagnosis is applicable.

  4. What can you use the breast cancer insurance payout for? The payout from breast cancer insurance can be used for any expense that arises during your illness. For instance, you may utilise the payout to afford the co-payment amount in your health insurance. Or, you may use the funds to afford certain household bills that arise during the course of your treatment. In essence, you can use the payout for any expense that you face – you do not need to show proof of expenses to your insurer. This kind of financial support during a medical emergency can truly prove to be a life-saver. • How must doesbreast cancer insurance cost? Being a microinsurance plan, breast cancer insurance is extremely affordable. The plan will cost around S$9 for a 12-month term for a female non-smoker age 20 to 25 years (age next birthday).

  5. How to buybreast cancer insurance? These days, you can easily buy breast cancer insurance from a health app of a good insurance provider. All you need to do is download the app on your smartphone and sign up. You simply need to fill a health declaration; no medical checks are asked for. Go ahead and get the coverage you need today to live life to the fullest with true peace of mind!

  6. In conclusion… You may want to speak to a financial consultant for advice specific to your needs for insurance. They can also help you select one of the best medical insurance companies in Singapore for you to buy coverage. If you are looking for more extensive coverage against cancer, you may want to consider signing up for a cancer insurance plan instead. You can also get an instant quote for cancer insurance online and then go ahead and buy your plan immediately. Hope that this article has proven to be a good read for you today. Take care.