Surrogate mothers in india
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Surrogacy in India is one of the latest trends adjoined to different other kinds of outsourcing business in India

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Surrogate mothers in india
Surrogate Mothers in india

As it was described earlier that Indian surrogate mothers are not the ones who are deprived of basic necessities of life; however, they are the ones who have an urge to earn more to offer a better life to their family. As Indian surrogate industry is a million dollar business and thus these women don’t mind becoming a participant to get a small percentage of the benefit from the industry. What these women earn makes their life a bit comfortable in this ever increasing inflation world.

How to hire a surrogate mother in india
How to Hire a Surrogate Mother in India?

  • Hiring surrogate mother in India becomes easy when you make contact to a renowned agency. These agencies work for arranging surrogates who are healthy enough to give birth to a child. However, there are some considerations that are fulfilled by these surrogates after which they are given the status of being a surrogate with any of the renowned agencies in India.

  • There are a number of agencies running out in the market as a part of surrogate industry in India and thus you can always make contact with the ones who are suiting to your financial arrangements. However, it is suggested to make a complete research before making the contact with an agency. Thus, it is advised to do a proper research about the history of the agency.

Legalities of hiring a surrogate mother in india
Legalities of hiring a surrogate mother in India

Hiring a surrogate mother in India involves some of the legalities that are must to be fulfilled by the intended parents opting for a surrogate mother in Delhi India. These legalities differ from country to country as per the rules designed.

  • The first and foremost thing for intended parents to hire a surrogate mother in India is to be a married life for at least of two years in a heterosexual relation.

  • There must be a letter of confirmation from a health centre with the couple that they are not able to conceive naturally and thus opting for surrogacy.

The cost of surrogate mother in india
The cost of surrogate mother in India

  • The cost of surrogate mother in India is extremely affordable if we make a comparison of the cost of surrogacy in US.

  • The cost of surrogacy in India approximately goes to U.S $ 13,000, which is in U.S is anywhere in between U.S $ 30,000 to U.S $ 70,000.

  • There are surrogacy packages available in India that includes all the treatment, staying medicine expenses, the charge of doctor, delivery charges and surrogate’s compensation.

  • Surrogate mother clinic in India provide reasonable packages as per the demand of the intended parents.

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