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How girls knew that they found the special someone! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Falling in love with someone special but there is a little doubt is he or not your dreamy prince? Don\'t worry! We got some responses from some really sweet brides that may help you to decide your love life.

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How girls knew that they found the special someone

How girls knew that they found thespecial someone!

Dating someone is quite easy but, you really need a solid reason to marry someone. After all, married relationships are the matter of a lifetime and you have to spend the rest of your life with that special someone. We were wondering how actually girls guess that he is the one and then, we got these responses from some really sweet brides. All these responses will give you a cute smile as you could also relate with these.

“I dated my ‘would be’ for almost 6 years before coming to the conclusion that he is my soul mate. In a span of 6 years, he never forgot to tell me that how beautiful I am and how much he loves me. He always used to bring happiness and smile for me by his small yet cute gestures. Planning dinner dates, hugs, kisses, movie dates and what not, he used to do everything that could make me happy. And, the best part is that he is still thesame.”

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How girls knew that they found the special someone

“His caring and loving nature is probably the thing that drew me towards my man. I know myself quite a lot and I know that I am too arrogant and hard to handle. When I met him, I felt that he is probably the one who can deal with all my tantrums. He is arrogant in front of everyone else but, he always deals me in the tenderest manner which is something that I love. Making me happy is one more quality that draws me towardshim.”

“I belong to a very conservative and orthodox family so; I never expected freedom for myself. My parents asked me to meet a guy for marriage and first time ever, someone asked me my interests, hobbies, career goals and expectations from life. He was quite open for all the

How girls knew that they found the special someone

discussions and gave me all the respect that I deserve. Pretty soon I got married. 5 years of a happy marriage has made me believe that I am the luckiest in this whole word and trust me I was never so happy before in mylife.”

“We were friends from school time and never thought about dating or marriage but, destiny had something else for us. After 16 years of friendship it just started when I tried to date someone else. When I was dating, I started to draw comparison and felt that I am totally in love with him. It was me who proposed him and he instantly said yes as if he was waiting for this only. 16 years of friendship and 3 years of courtship and we are still going strong with ourrelationship.”

How girls knew that they found the special someone

“We met through a dating app and I never thought that he will be one. I met him first in a restaurant and his way of talking made me fall for him instantly. He was humble and polite not just with me but, with everyone else. I was also impressed with his looks, cuteness and personality. The way he carried himself was so awesome that it completely stole my heart away.”

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