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Liver Transplant in India – Procedure, Outcomes and Cost

Liver Transplantation is the second most common organ transplant surgery after kidney transplant. Read on to find out the procedure, outcomes and cost of undergoing liver transplant surgery in India.

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Liver Transplant in India – Procedure, Outcomes and Cost

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  1. Liver Transplant Surgery in India – Procedure, Outcome & Cost IndiCure Treatment Solutions www.indicure.com www.indicure.com.ng E-mail – info@indicure.com Call at - +91 98184 62127, +91 93200 36777

  2. Liver Transplant Surgery • Liver transplantation is a surgery to replace a diseased liver with a healthy liver taken from another person called a donor. • Liver transplant surgery is recommended in individuals who have end stage liver failure. • Liver Cirrhosis is one of the major reasons that lead to liver failure. www.indicure.com

  3. Liver Transplantation www.indicure.com

  4. Causes of Liver Failure • Liver Cirrhosis • Biliary duct atresia • Cystic fibrosis • Early stage liver cancer • Haemocromatosis • Primary biliary cirrhosis • Primary sclerosingcholangitis • Wilsons disease www.indicure.com

  5. Types of Liver Transplants • Deceased liver transplant – It is a type of liver transplantation in which the donor of liver is a person who has recently died. • Living donor liver transplant – In this type of liver transplant surgery, a section of liver is taken up from a living donor. As liver can regenerate on its own, the two sections - transplanted liver as well as the remaining section of donor liver re-grow into a complete liver. www.indicure.com

  6. Investigations prior to Liver Transplantation • The initial procedure involves a series of investigations to make sure that the donor is healthy and can survive the surgery. • The patient is also checked if he is a suitable candidate for liver transplantation. Blood tests are done to ascertain compatibility along with some other tests such as Chest X-ray, Abdmominal CT scan, Echo, EKG, physical assessment by physician and psychological tests. www.indicure.com

  7. Liver Transplant Procedure • The surgery is quite an extensive procedure and entails removing either left or right lobe of the liver. • Usually right lobe is taken for adults and left for children. • Post donor’s surgery, diseased liver from the recipient is removed and replaced with the part taken from the donor. The blood vessels and bile ducts are connected to the liver lobe. After the surgery, the transplanted lobe regenerates to 85% of original liver within a week. www.indicure.com

  8. Expected Outcomes of Liver Transplant Surgery • The outcomes of liver transplant surgery are quite satisfying. After a successful liver transplant the patient is expected to return to regular lifestyle after six months. • Patients with liver transplants are expected to live a healthy and active life provided they are put on healthy diet, a regular exercise regime and medication. www.indicure.com

  9. Laws for Organ Transplant in India • In India the laws for liver transplant surgery are very strict and prohibit any commercial transaction for liver transplant. For organ transplants the government only allows relatives to donate any organ transplant. • In case a foreigner wants to donate liver, special permission from government is to be taken once it is established that there is absolutely no commercial transaction for liver between donor and recipient. www.indicure.com

  10. Cost of Liver Transplant Surgery in India • Liver transplant surgery in India is done at few of the best hospitals in India that offer cutting edge technology and highly skilled surgeons who have been performing surgery with great precision. • The cost of liver transplant surgery in India varies between 35,000 – 40, 000 USD. • The cost of liver transplant is much cheaper in India than the cost of liver transplant surgery in western countries. www.indicure.com

  11. About IndiCure • IndiCure is the most trusted medical tourism company in India arranging liver transplant surgery at best hospitals in India. • IndiCure associates only with best liver transplant surgeons in India and offers liver transplantation at very affordable cost in India. www.indicure.com

  12. Contact Us Visit Us: http://www.indicure.com/organ_transplant/liver_t ansplant.htm or http://www.indicure.com.ng/organ_transplant/liver transplant_in_india.htm Write to us: info@indicure.com Call us at: +91 98184 62127 +91 93200 36777 www.indicure.com

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