kidney transplant surgery in india l.
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Kidney Transplant Surgery in India PowerPoint Presentation
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Kidney Transplant Surgery in India

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Kidney Transplant Surgery in India - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kidney Transplant surgery in India is now available at state-of-the art hospitals and clinics that are well equipped with the most advanced techniques and instrumentation.

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Kidney Transplant Surgery in India

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    1. Kidney Transplant Surgery in India IndiCure Treatment Solutions +919818462127 +919320036777

    2. Kidney Transplantation • Kidney transplantation or Renal transplantation is the surgery to remove diseased kidneys to replace with healthy (donor) kidneys. • The surgery entails removal of a healthy, functioning kidney from a living or brain-dead donor and implanting it into a patient with nonfunctioning kidneys.

    3. Types of donors • Living donors - Genetically related (living – related) donor - Genetically unrelated (living – unrelated) donor. Living donor can be a family member, a friend, a coworker, or anyone willing to give a kidney to someone in need. • Cadaver donor – A cadaver donor is a person who has recently died. Most donor kidneys come from this source.

    4. Kidney Transplant Procedure • The procedure involves placing a healthy kidney into the body where it can perform all of the functions that a failing kidney cannot. • The new kidney is placed at a lower right or left side of the abdomen where it is surgically connected to nearby blood vessels. • The vein and artery of the new kidney are attached to the recipient’s vein and artery. • The new kidney’s ureter is attached to the recipient’s bladder to allow urine to pass out of body.

    5. Kidney Transplant Surgery

    6. Indications for Kidney Transplant • End – stage renal disease • Malignant hypertension, infections, diabetes mellitus, and focal segmental glomerulosclerosis • Genetic causes such as polycystic kidney disease and inborn errors of metabolism

    7. Kidney Transplant In India • Undergoing kidney transplantation in India is highly advantageous owing to: - Highly advanced techniques of kidney transplantation in India - Low cost of organ transplant surgery in India - Least waiting period for organ transplant - Best of health care facilities

    8. IndiCure Assists Kidney Transplant Surgery in India • IndiCure, the most renowned medical tourism company offers kidney transplant surgery at best hospitals in India • IndiCure associates with the most renowned doctors and surgeons for renal transplant surgery in India. • IndiCure offers huge discounts for renal transplant surgery.

    9. IndiCure Cares • Excellent health care providers for organ transplant procedures. • Provides Round the clock assistance to patients undergoing medical procedures in India. • Helps patients make informed decision for renal transplant surgery in India.

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