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Fibroids Treatment in India at affordable costs

Fibroids Treatment in India is now available at best hospitals with the most experienced laparoscopic surgeons in India. For any information about Fibroids Treatment in India, send in a query at info@indicure.com or call at 91 98184 62127 or 91 93200 36777 or Skype@Indicure.

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Fibroids Treatment in India at affordable costs

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  1. Fibroids Treatment in India at affordable costs IndiCure Treatment Solutions http://www.indicure.com.ng/laparoscopic_surgery/laparoscopic_myomectomy_for_fibroids_in_india.htm Enquire at:info@indicure.com Call at: +91 98184 62127 +91 93200 36777 Skype@Indicure

  2. Uterine Fibroids • Solid tumor of female genital tract • It is among the most common tumors affecting women • Uterine fibroids are present in 40% women in their reproductive age • Many women with uterine fibroids remain asymptomatic. • Fibroids may grow throughout the reproductive life of a woman and may show a growth spurt during pregnancy. www.indicure.com.ng

  3. Uterine Fibroids

  4. Symptoms associated with Uterine Fibroids • Pelvic Pain • Enlarged abdomen • Heavy menstrual bleeding • Sometimes fibroids may lead to infertility www.indicure.com.ng

  5. Treatment Options for Uterine Fibroids • Symptomatic Treatment – Medications • Surgery - Mainstay of treatment for symptomatic fibroids Myomectomy Hysterectomy HysteroscopicMyomectomy • Uterine Artery Embolization • MRI Guided HIFU(Non- Invasive Treatment) www.indicure.com.ng

  6. Medications for Treatment of Fibroids • Serve as symptomatic treatment for uterine fibroids • Some medications given for the treatment of uterine fibroid are – Birth control pills, Short term hormonal therapy injections etc. • The treatment may remain unsuccessful leaving patient suffering from fibroids. www.indicure.com.ng

  7. Surgery • Laparoscopic Myomectomy– Removal of fibroid through keyhole surgery. The uterus is retained in this surgery. • Laparoscopic Hysterectomy – Removal of whole of the uterus through laparoscopic surgery. • HysteroscopicMyomectomy– Surgery is done when fibroid has approached uterine cavity. www.indicure.com.ng

  8. Uterine Artery Embolization(No Surgery with Quick recovery) • Minimally Invasive Treatment for Uterine Fibroids • The procedure involves use of a cathether to insert small particles so as to block the blood supply to uterine artery and thus to the fibroids. This causes fibroids to die. • Highly advantageous over Surgery as the procedure is minimally invasive, no loss of blood, facilitates quick recovery and early resumption of work. www.indicure.com.ng

  9. MRI Guided HIFU • Non Invasive procedure for removal of fibroids. • Technique uses Magnetic Resonance Imaging guided High Intensity Focused Ultrasound waves for treating fibroids • The technique has become widely accepted owing to safety of the procedure and ease of use. www.indicure.com.ng

  10. Fibroid Treatment in India Salient Features • Best of laparoscopic surgeons • State of the art hospitals • Best hospitals in India offer cutting edge technology • Highly affordable cost of treatment • English Speaking hospital staff • High success rate • Peaceful recovery www.indicure.com.ng

  11. About IndiCure • Most trusted medical tourism company in India • Offers Round the clock assistance • Associates with best laparoscopic surgeons and hospitals in India • Helps in Visa assistance and travel planning • Offers huge discounted treatment prices • Provides best of health care services www.indicure.com.ng

  12. Contact Us • Visit us at - http://www.indicure.com.ng/laparoscopic_sur ery/laparoscopic_myomectomy_for_fibroids_in_india.htm • Call us at - +91 98184 62127 +91 93200 36777 • Write to us at – info@indicure.com • Talk to us at –Skype@Indicure www.indicure.com.ng

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