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facelift surgery in india n.
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Facelift Surgery in India PowerPoint Presentation
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Facelift Surgery in India

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Facelift Surgery in India
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Facelift Surgery in India

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  1. Facelift Surgery in India IndiCure Treatment Solutions Visit: http://www.indicure.com/cosmetic-surgery/face-lift.htm Write at: info@indicure.com Call at: +91 98184 62127, +91 93200 36777

  2. Facelift Surgery • Facelift is a plastic surgery procedure to reverse the signs of aging from face. • Technically known as rhytidectomy, a facelift removes the signs of aging from face and neck. • Some adjuvant procedures that can be performed alongwith facelift to enhance facial appearance are – blepharoplasty, brow lift and rhinoplasty www.indicure.com

  3. What does a facelift do? • A facelift: • Firms and tightens the skin of the face and neck and effectively treats problem areas present in the lower facial regions such as the jowls and neck. • Removes the lines around the eyes, forehead wrinkles, loose skin around the neck, folds and jowls in the cheek area, and the lines around the nose and mouth (nasolabial folds). • Gives youthful appearance to mature people (about 40 years old) who wish to delay the aging process for personal or professional reasons. www.indicure.com

  4. Candidates for Facelift • The ideal candidates for facelift are those • who look old and tired due to sagging, drooping, excessive facial creases, or a slack jaw and neck line. • who have lines running from corner of the nose to corner of the mouth, wrinkles, extra fat and loose skin in the neck • who have sagging skin in or around cheekbones and an ill defined jaw line www.indicure.com

  5. Facelift Procedure • Performed under general anaesthesia, the surgery is done by making an incision at the temples above the hair line and following it in front of the ear, extending the incision behind the earlobe in the natural crease. The surgeon then separates the tissue and the muscles, trims or removes the fat and then tightens the underlying muscles. www.indicure.com

  6. Outcomes of facelift • The outcomes of facelift are quite gratifying. The skin on the face and neck look younger and fresher than before. • The facelift reverses the signs of aging by 10 – 15 years. www.indicure.com

  7. Facelift in India • Facelift in India is done at some of the best hospitals in India that have cutting-edge technology. • The surgery is done by select few surgeons who are highly skilled and perform surgery with a lot of precision. • The cost of facelift surgery in India is a fraction of what is being paid in western countries. www.indicure.com

  8. Face-lift in India with IndiCure • Most reputed medical tourism company for facelift surgery • Provides facelift surgery in association with best plastic surgeons in India • Liasons with the most reputed hospitals in India • Provides excellent healthcare facilities • Gives informed choices for facelift surgery in India • The cost of facelift in India offered by IndiCure starts from 2950 USD. www.indicure.com

  9. Contact Us Visit Us http://www.indicure.com/cosmetic-surgery/face-lift.htm Or http://www.indicurecosmeticsurgery.com/face-surgery/face-lift.php Write at info@indicure.com Call Us at +91 98184 62127 +91 93200 36777 Skype us at Indicure Click here for Patient’s testimonial www.indicure.com