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Why should you study in Australia PowerPoint Presentation
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Why should you study in Australia

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Why should you study in Australia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why should you study in Australia

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  1. Why should you study in Australia When you think of Australia, you visualize Sydney’s infrastructure, Melbourne as a cultural hub, Great Barrier Reef for its world-heritage and adventure spots and Kangaroo Island. But Australia offers much more if you are planning to study in the country. ●Globally Recognized Australia is globally recognized for its excellent world-class education system. Students graduated from Australian Institutes are highly in demand by employers in international market. Education system is strictly regulated by government in order to maintain its standards of academics. ●Emerging Study Destination After USA and UK, Australia is the third most desired study destination of all other English-speaking countries. Foreign students prefer to study in OZ because of diverse culture, quality education, affable natives and future career opportunities. ●Variety of Courses Australian Institutes offer a wide array of degrees from undergraduate level to PhD courses. International students need approach foreign education consultant to choose right program and college. Students can find course of their choice as per their area of interest easily because of provided diverse range of curriculums. ●Work Options Students are permissible to work up to 20 hours per week during their academics and 40 hours per week in the vacations. In that way they can earn their living expenses during their stay. Also post-graduation opportunities and excellent scientific research centers are appealing aspects of the Australia for international students. Tuition fees and living expenses in Australia are nearly equal in comparison to USA and UK. You can know more about Australian universities and courses offered there by visiting a nearby student visa consultant in your city.