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Online Air Ticket Booking with IRCTC Air PowerPoint Presentation
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Online Air Ticket Booking with IRCTC Air

Online Air Ticket Booking with IRCTC Air

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Online Air Ticket Booking with IRCTC Air

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  1. IrCTC AIR

  2. Online Air Ticket Booking Vs Direct Ticket Booking at Airport When you plan to book air tickets, you will come across numerous options, such as Online air ticket booking, getting a ticket directly at the airport or contacting a travel agency. There were times when people prefer to buy tickets directly at the airport, but now the practice is rarely showing up. However, there are many people who choose to get tickets directly at the airport upon online air ticket booking in India.

  3. These people tend to think that they will get cheaper rates or comfortable seats in such booking methodologies. But how far do you think it is the best idea of booking your tickets.  Skipping the Middleman: People assume that skipping the middleman and getting tickets from the direct source is the best idea. They hope to get a cheap empty seat in the last minutes of the departures. But, the opposite of the expectation is a reality with the air tickets. The last-minute tickets are always high considering the traveller to bound to travel at that particular time without any change. It is a profitable time for ticket sellers and they make use of it in a perfect way by rising the ticket pricing. Online flight ticket bookingon websites like comes with many advantages.

  4. You can get a cheap price based on your requirements. Getting discounts by using promo cards is possible.  Compare the Air ticket prices of different dates and adjust your travelling date accordingly.  You need to understand that airports are for getting on and off the plane and stay in case of delays but not at all for buying your air tickets.  Avoid additional charges: When you buy online air tickets you can check with the applicable charges and avoid any additional charges. You can easily cross-check those options with your requirements and avoid them to decrease the pricing of the ticket. Such things won’t happen with the direct air ticket buying at the airport. 

  5. Getting Disappointed: In the thought of getting lower prices on direct ticket purchasing, you will face disappointment. You need to go to the airport with your entire luggage if you are planning to go on the same day. If you don’t get a ticket based on your budget and requirement then you are bound to get back to your place. Cancelling your travel trips just because of such myth is a wrong idea. Plan a month before and book your air tickets.  You can find cheap air tickets at IRCTC Air, check the website and browse the ticket prices. Cross-check with your requirements and get the one for you at the lowest prices. Do not waste your time running around the airports in search of cheap air flight tickets.  Source – “”

  6. Social :- Contact Details :- Business Name /Contact Person: IRCTC AIR Country/Region: India Phone No. - 0755 - 6698100 / 4090400 Business Email - Website -