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Shravasti Buddhist Tour With Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train | IRCTC Buddhist PowerPoint Presentation
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Shravasti Buddhist Tour With Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train | IRCTC Buddhist

Shravasti Buddhist Tour With Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train | IRCTC Buddhist

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Shravasti Buddhist Tour With Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train | IRCTC Buddhist

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  1. IRCTC Buddhist Shravasti Buddhist Tour — IRCTC Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train. IRCTC’s Buddhist Circuit Tour Train takes passengers tovarious important Buddhist locations such as Bodhgaya, Shravasti Buddhist tour, Gaya and Nalanda among several other places. The Buddhist Circuit Tour Train journey is an innovative package that has been curated by the IRCTC with great care. IRCTC Buddhist Circuit Tour Train visits the holiest Buddhist places and monuments all over India. Buddhism was born in India and IRCTC tourism makes sure that passengers can follow in the steps of the Buddha himself through this eight days long tour.

  2. This article will give you some general information regarding IRCTC’sshravasti buddhist tour packages and buddhist pilgrimage journey. IRCTC takes you on a magical and spiritual journey whilst at the lap of comfort and hospitality. IRCTC Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train operates on pre-planned dates from September to March, customers can find out the dates for 2020– 21 in the tour itinerary. There are three price tiers namely; •AC First Class ( 11,800 INR for one night and 82,613 INR for full tour) •AC- 2 Tier ( 9656 INR for one night and 67592 INR for full tour) •AC First Coupe ( 11,800 INR for one night and 93342 INR for full tour) Buddhist Circuit Train ticket tariff covers air-conditioned traveling on the train, all on-board meals, every hotel

  3. accommodation which is a part of the tour plan, travel insurance, sightseeing entry charges for monuments, guided tours, porterage at stations, complimentary beverages on-board, etc. The ticket does not cover visa and passport charges (India and Nepal), photography and videography charges at the monument and pre and post journey accommodation. IRCTC Buddhist Circuit Train covers 19 destinations over India and Nepal for eight days. The journey begins at Delhi’s Safdarjung Railway Station. Passengers are requested to check in at least one hour before the train departs, to complete all pre- boarding formalities. Once boarded, the Train Manager will help you get settled in and the courteous staff will help you with your baggage and guide you through the seating arrangement. Over the next four days, passengers will go to Gaya and from there to Bodhgaya where Gautam Buddha gained enlightenment. At Bodhgaya, they will visit the Mahabodhi Temple, Buddha Statue, Niranjana Temple, Thai Temple, and Japanese Temple. The train shall proceed to Rajgiri to visit the Bimbisara Jail, Gridhakuta Hill and Venuvan. At Nalanda you will see the ruins of Nalanda University and Nalanda Museum. Next, the train will proceed to Gaya Railway Station and board the train to Varanasi. Sarnath (a few kilometers from Varanasi) houses the Buddhist pilgrimage sites of Sarnath are Dhameth Stupa, Sarnath Museum, Ashokan Pillar and Mulgandha. On the fifth day, Buddhist Circuit Train shall travel to Lumbini in Nepal. Lumbini is the birthplace of The Buddha. Tourists will pay their respects at the Maya Devi Temple and Ashokan Pillar. Tourists are requested to keep their visa, passport and any government issued photo id ready for border checking. As for those passengers who don’t have their visa, they must keep the visa fees and two passport sized photographs ready. The Buddhist Circuit Train visits Kushinagar and Gorakhpur. Passengers shall be taken to Kushinagar by coach. The sightseeing points include the Mahaparinirvana Temple, Rambhar Stupa, and Mata Kutir Temple. Departing to Gorakhpur from here the trail will depart to Balrampur. The seventh day is

  4. dedicated to Buddhist circuit Shravasti travelwhich includes Balrampur and Sravasti. Shravasti Buddhist tourinvolves sightseeing of Jetavana Vihara, Pakki Tuli, and Sehat Mahet. On the eighth day, the train will arrive at the Agra Railway Station. Passengers will be escorted to the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world. From Agra, Buddhist Circuit Train will return to Safdarjung Railway Station, New Delhi. Buddhist travel packages and Shravasti packagescan be booked directly on the website.At the time of booking the passengers are required to give any details regarding dietary requirements and any health ailments etc. There are plenty of online payment options and travel documents shall be issued fourteen days prior to the beginning of the tour. Source –“ tour-irctc-buddhist-circuit-tourist-train-78bc052abd5c” Social :- Buddhist tour xM2zRQ Contact Details :- Business Name /Contact Person: IRCTC Buddhist Country/Region: India Phone No. - 9717648718, 9717639033 Email I’d -

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