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IPCalculus - Cardiovascular Diagnostic Devices Patenting Act

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IPCalculus - Cardiovascular Diagnostic Devices Patenting Act - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Patenting activity in Cardiovascular Diagnostic Devices

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2010 © IPCalculus Services



The cardiovascular devices represent one of the major markets in the medical equipment industry. This market consists of cardiovascular diagnostic devices, cardiovascular monitoring devices, cardiovascular prosthetic devices, cardiovascular surgical devices and cardiovascular therapeutic devices.

The ageing population, life saving benefits of cardiovascular devices, increasing patient base undergoing cardiac procedures, and growing health awareness are the key factors driving the growth of cardiovascular devices. This report contains overall patenting activity in the area of cardiovascular devices.

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Technology classification

As shown in the above mind map cardiovascular devices are categorize into Cardiovascular Diagnostic Devices, Cardiovascular Monitoring Devices, Cardiovascular Prosthetic Devices, Cardiovascular Surgical Devices and Cardiovascular Therapeutic Devices. This report primarily focused on patenting activity in the Cardiovascular Diagnostic Devices.

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Patent distribution by top 10 Assignee

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Patent distribution by top 10 universities

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Patent distribution by top 10 IPC class

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Patent distribution by top 10 US class

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Patent distribution by top 10 ECLA class

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Patent distribution by Application year

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Patent distribution by Publication year

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Patent distribution by Priority year

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Geographical patent distribution

Geographical patent distribution with Country code, patent count and percentage

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About IPCalculus

IPCalculus is an Intellectual Property research & analytical consulting firm based in India, providing customized services in the form of Patent landscape analysis, Patent portfolio analysis, Patent searches (Prior-art, Patentability/Novelty, Invalidation, Infringement, and Freedom to Operate), Patent alert and monitoring, Legal status updates, Trend analysis, Patent to Product mapping and Patent licensing.

Our expertise lies in generating valuable IP intelligence by analyzing patent, non-patent, product, clinical trial, regulatory filing, premarket approval, recalls and other technical & competitive information. Our customized, interactive, dynamic & collaborative reporting system "IP Analytics Manager" integrate patent, non-patent, product, clinical trial, regulatory filing, premarket approval, recalls and other technical & competitive information. We provide consistent high quality IP research & analytical services in the field of medical devices, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life sciences, electronics, telecommunications, chemistry, mechanical and many more.

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