what to know before signing a rental lease n.
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What To Know Before Signing A Rental Lease PowerPoint Presentation
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What To Know Before Signing A Rental Lease

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What To Know Before Signing A Rental Lease - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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what to know before signing a rental lease

What To Know

Before Signing

A Rental Lease

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Utilities Included

Cost of utilities is generally

included in the monthly rent. So,

make sure that you ask which

utilities are included in the rent

and for what will you have to pay


Pre-Existing Damage

Before signing a lease, it is

crucial to get the property

inspected to check for any

pre-existing damages. This

will help you avoid any

implications in future.

The Lease Agreement

Be sure to read the lease

agreement completely to get

an overview about who is

responsible for maintenance,

repairs & other things.

Pet Policy

If you are a pet parent you

would certainly want to shift

along with your pet. However,

not all property owners allow

pets on their property,  so

inquire about their pet policy in


Lease Tenure

Before you actually sign a lease it is

important to know the time span after

which it will end. Also ask if there is an

automatic lease renewal policy or not.


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