Naked short selling
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Naked Short Selling is described with its effect on the stock market collapse and economic downturn.

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Naked short selling l.jpg

Naked Short Selling

Disclaimer l.jpg

  • Stock speculation is very risky

  • Do not trade with more than you can afford to lose.

  • Seek professional investment advice.

  • This is not investment advice.

  • No warranties, you are on your own.

  • This is not suitable for all investors

Naked short selling defined l.jpg
Naked Short Selling Defined

  • Short sellers are supposed to borrow the stock they sold and deliver it to the buyer

  • When the shorts do not bother to borrow the stock, they are “naked”

Why go naked l.jpg
Why go naked?

Naked short selling is now prohibited

I am going to explain why it was so lucrative

(Note – legitimate short selling serves a good function)

Negative cash flow companies l.jpg
Negative Cash Flow Companies

  • If a company has a negative cash flow, it needs to sell stock to raise money to survive

  • Legitimate development stage and biotech companies often have negative cash flow

  • If the shorts can push the stock down, the company cannot raise money and dies, giving the shorts a large profit

Naked short selling6 l.jpg
Naked Short Selling

  • Naked shorts can push a company to zero stock price because they can sell unlimited amounts of stock

  • If there are 10 million shares outstanding and the stock trades 50,000 shares per day, at a price of $10, the naked shorts can sell a million shares, driving the stock down, down, down

  • If that isn't enough stock, more, more, more can be sold

The naked short printing press l.jpg
The Naked Short Printing Press

  • Naked shorts can sell MORE than the outstanding stock!

  • Imagine a naked short selling 30 million shares of our hypothetical company that has 10 million shares outstanding

  • If the short sells the 30 million shares at an average price of $5 and drives the stock to one cent, he has a profit of almost $150 million!

The naked short printing press8 l.jpg
The Naked Short Printing Press

If the short sells the 30 million shares at an average price of $5 and drives the stock to one cent, he has a profit of almost $150 million!

But the market value of the entire company to begin with was only $100 million!

Taxes l.jpg

  • The naked short has an incentive to stay short – taxes

  • When he closes the trade by buying back the stock, he has to pay about 1/3 of the gain in taxes.

  • But if he keeps the trade open, his friendly broker will let him play with the almost all the profits – on margin

  • So on his $150 million profit, he can trade abpout $300 million in stock

Pyramiding l.jpg

  • In this way, a naked short could pyramid his profits

  • Take profits in the first stock and sell another $300 million short, etc.

  • After a few trades like this, the profits are humongous

Naked shorts exposed l.jpg
Naked Shorts Exposed

  • If a naked short does not close out the trade, he definitely does not want the company to come back from the living dead, especially if he is using the money to destroy some other company

  • If the stock comes back, he will lose heavily and the broker will ask him for more money to cover the margin on his short

  • Thus, he will stop at nothing to hold the company down

Shorting the world l.jpg
Shorting the World

  • Naked shorts were eventually outlawed

  • If they pyramided their profits, they made huge gains in the 2008-9 market meltdown

  • They would have had the money to attack large institutions, and eventually short whole countries

  • All of this is hypothetical, naturally

Hypothetically speaking l.jpg
Hypothetically Speaking

  • Hypothetically speaking, there have been reports of stockholders being able to buy more than the outstanding common stock. Naked shorts were eventually outlawed

  • I am investigating now one company that is alleging there is a short position of many times the outstanding stock

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