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SAAS in the Healthcare Sector PowerPoint Presentation
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SAAS in the Healthcare Sector

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SAAS in the Healthcare Sector - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cloud-based technologies have penetrated most of the sectors with healthcare being quite prominent among these. Over 83% people in this field use the services with the SAAS companies providing the bulk of the solutions at almost 66.9%. Read more.

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Cloud-based technologies have penetrated most of the sectors with healthcare being quite prominent among these.

Over 83% people in this field use the services with the SAAS companies providing the bulk of the solutions at almost

66.9%. It is quite amazing to note how fast and extensively the medical industry has embraced the cloud. Those who

have not yet joined the bandwagon definitely plan to go for it in the coming times. Finally, others who do not intend

to use the virtual field anytime soon also do not have a projected business plan in place.

Among PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS, the latter enjoys the highest popularity. In order to meet the web-based demands,

hospitals and nursing homes are augmenting their technological capacities, capabilities. The results are almost

immediate with positive contributions towards the financial metrics of the establishment. The watchers also use the

deployment time associated with the cloud services for calculating the overall value. Solutions and services used

need to have appropriate HIPAA compliance. Some of the metrics used for this purpose are as follows,

Technological capacity augmentation

Reduction in risk posture/improved security of information

Streamlining of business processes

Time for deploying solutions

Increased workforce productivity

Better regulation compliance

What are some of the commonest cloud based apps prevailing today? This includes the exchange of health

information, clinical data and app hosting, data recovery, and backups. Some of the other applications that are

quickly becoming indispensable for the healthcare industry are the following. Disaster Recovery, Backups, Back

Office Hosting, Server Virtualization, Data and HR Application Hosting, Virtual Networks, And Desktop Virtualization

are quite popular. Also the industry has embraced or plans to embrace other apps as well. These are Deprovisioning

Accounts or Timely Provisions, Data and Application Managed Services, Communication Hosting Services, and

Accountable Care.

The most common uses for such applications in the healthcare industry are associated with hosting of back office,

financial, HR and operational data and apps. It also finds its uses in clinical procedures, IT functions, and data. Studies

show that establishments use cloud-based apps in various divisions and departments. On average, their number is

five. The main reasons for adopting such solutions include,

Savings on IT maintenance costs

Deployment speed

No need for employing additional staff

This indicates the pervasive use of cloud in medical industry with significant growth points as well. Security concerns

are important, as IT tends to be an out and out internal function. Establishments also worry about uptime concerns

and availability. Most healthcare organizations rely upon preparation plans that increase their success probability

related to cloud adoption. Such is the popularity of cloud growing that many establishments have upgraded existing

monitoring capabilities and network infrastructure. Others engage with solution providers for dealing with outages,

metrics, and problems effectively. Others have modified or even created their business to comply with cloud-based

apps. Selection of companies is important because slow responsiveness, unavailability of data and app, along with

slow response rates are common issues.

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Article 2:

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