the summer pest control tips you need now n.
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The Summer Pest Control Tips You Need Now PowerPoint Presentation
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The Summer Pest Control Tips You Need Now

The Summer Pest Control Tips You Need Now

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The Summer Pest Control Tips You Need Now

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  1. The Summer Pest Control Tips You Need Now

  2. Pest control is far more important in the warmer months. Wonder why? Summer has warm temperatures that pests love. Combine that with the moist heat that is so prevalent in Arkansas, and you have the perfect combination for almost any pest. Summer – The Season for Pests

  3. Wondering what you might be facing this summer? Here’s a rough line-up of the summer pests that might appear in your home or backyard. • Fire Ants • Roaches • Bees • Wasps • Spiders Your Potential Pest Problems

  4. If you want to prevent pest problems this summer, the key is to take a look outside your home and keep them from coming in. You need to not only focus on the areas right outside your home, but also your property as a whole. #1 – Prevent Outdoor Problems

  5. Make sure you keep all standing water off your property. If you have neighbors who have a similar problem, suggest they do the same. If you have a bird bath, change the water on a weekly basis. • Keep your weeds to a minimum and your shrubs trimmed back. • Cover your trash containers. • Make certain your lawn is healthy and well-maintained. Looking At Your Property

  6. Make certain there is no vegetation in direct contact with your home. • Prevent a build-up of moisture in the rock and flower beds around your house. • Stacked wood should be stored well away from your home. • Leaks should be repaired right away. • Holes in screens, siding, doors, or even window screens should be fixed to help avoid entryways for pests. Near the House

  7. There are plenty of things you can do inside to prevent a pest invasion as well. • Whenever possible, keep your doors and windows closed. • Keep your kitchen as clean as you can. Ensure your food is stored in sealed containers. • Vacuum carpets and any crevices every week. • Repair leaks right away and clean up any mess the leak left behind. #2 – Internal Preparations

  8. The best thing you can do if you notice a pest problem is to call in the pest professionals at Hopper Environmental Services. They can assess the problem and prevent additional ones this summer. Dealing with the Problem