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Termites - The Answers You Need to Save Your Home from termi PowerPoint Presentation
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Termites - The Answers You Need to Save Your Home from termi

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Termites - The Answers You Need to Save Your Home from termi - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Answers You Need to Save Your Home from termites.

tiny sources of destruction

Termites are a homeowner’s biggest problem. Every year, they cause $1.5 billion in property damage. Unfortunately, by the time you notice you have a termite problem, the damage is already fairly serious.

Tiny Sources of Destruction
swarmers are the signal

One of the prime signals that you have a termite problem is the swarmer. These are the termites that leave the colony so they can find new places to breed. If you discover you have winged termites in your home, you probably have a much more serious termite infestation on your hands.

Swarmers Are The Signal
do you have problem

Swarmers are an indicator that you have a problem, but that’s the not the only signal you should look for. You may also want to look for mud tubes around the base of your foundation or near your porch. These are also a good indicator that you have a termite colony living with you too.

Do You Have Problem?
self treatment

Many people look to save a little money with home termite treatment methods, but a spray from your local home improvement store is not going to tackle a termite problem. You also need to understand how a home is constructed, and some specialized equipment can help the problem from coming back to haunt you.

will they return

Your best bet is to call a professional termite exterminatorimmediately if you notice any signs of termites. They can use a variety of methods and offer a no-return guarantee to help you eliminate the problem.

Will They Return
whole house treatment

Some people want to go with spot termite treatment, but this is an ineffective way to tackle the problem. The only way to ensure you don’t have an ongoing issue to is look at things from a whole house perspective and treat the entire property.

Whole House Treatment
is this safe

The methods pest control companies use to deal with termites are carefully tested by the EPA to make certain both your family and your pets will be safe even after termite treatment. If you have concerns because of ongoing health issues, though, contact your doctor.

Is This Safe?
termite control company

If you suspect a termite problem contact the termite control companyHopper Environmental Services immediately if you notice termites, mud tubes or any other signs of termites. Hopper will thoroughly inspect your property and create a treatment plan to eliminate your termite problem.

Termite Control Company