how to protect laptop from water damage
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How to protect laptop from water damage?

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How to protect laptop from water damage? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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\"Save a Dell Laptop from water damage using the rice method \n1. Turn off your Dell Laptop immediately. ... \n2. Dry all parts of the Laptop. ... \n3. Pull out the battery. ... \n4. Use a paper towel to dry off all the excess liquid on the device. ... \n5. Submerge the computer into uncooked rice completely. \nMore details, Call us 1 (800) 204-4427 Dell Laptop Tech Support Number. \"\n

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how to protect laptop from water damage
How to Protect Laptop from Water Damage?

Dial 1800-204-4427Laptop Support Phone Number

turn off the laptop immediately
Turn-off the Laptop Immediately

If you notice an amount of liquid fell on your laptop, the first step is turn-off the laptop as soon as possible. Hold the power-keys for five seconds and it will shut down that will help to prevent from any damage due to flow of power supply.

Dial +1-800-204-4427Laptop Support Phone Number

online laptop support service
Online Laptop Support Service

Dial +1-800-204-4427Laptop Support Phone Number

remove battery and other peripherals
Remove Battery and Other Peripherals

Disconnect the power source of your laptop by removing the battery that can create possible short-circuit and it will be also protected to get in contact with liquid. Also remove other peripherals like mouse, external keyboard and USB etc.

Dial +1-800-204-4427 DellLaptop Support Phone Number

call 1800 251 4919 clean liquid and soak moisture
Call 1800-251-4919 Clean Liquid and Soak Moisture

Use a soft cotton piece or towel cloth to clean your laptop and keyboard, especially affected area. Be cautious not rub any part hardly as it can scratch the surface or can damage other parts of your laptop resulting unexpected error later on.

Dial +1-800-204-4427 Dell Laptop Support Phone Number

laptop technical support number
Laptop Technical Support Number

Dial 1800-204-4427 Dell Laptop Support Phone Number