reasons why mobile application development n.
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Reasons Why Mobile Application Development Platforms Are Getting More Popular In 2018 PowerPoint Presentation
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Reasons Why Mobile Application Development Platforms Are Getting More Popular In 2018

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Reasons Why Mobile Application Development Platforms Are Getting More Popular In 2018 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The use of mobile application development platforms has grown in popularity due to a major shift of customers to the digital realm. n

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Reasons Why Mobile Application Development Platforms Are Getting More Popular In 2018

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the app scenario

The App Scenario

  • When businesses found themselves at the mercy of the internet the first time, they had to scramble to build websites.
  • It became so that companies had to arm their online presence with knowledge on latest technological trends.
  • This has not changed. In fact, companies now find themselves having to maintain a robust online presence on both computer screen and cell phones.
  • Apps are no longer optional for a business. Be it shopping, games, healthcare, bookings or any other service, an app guarantees better returns on investment.
reasons for the popularity of mobile

Reasons for the Popularity of Mobile App Development Platforms

Mobile application development platforms allow businesses to reap the many advantages of an app.

Connecting with Customers:

Since most people are on their phones, an app has the best chance of reaching your potential customer base.

Effective Customer Service:

Apps can provide a more interactive and efficient customer service experience than any other medium.

Power to the Consumer:

It is much easier for the customer to use an app for a variety of needs; placing orders, tracking deliveries or staying up-to-date with latest products.

increased customer engagement apps

Increased Customer Engagement:

Apps can be designed to help customers look at products and modify preferences.

Custom CRM Strategies:

Customer relationship management (CRM) apps are especially useful as they collate customer data and allow authorized personnel to make strategic business decision on their basis.

Easy Customizations:

Mobile application development platforms are designed to facilitate customization. This not only refers to changing features of apps in response to user feedback during its development but also after its deployment to stores.

Diversified Sales Channels:

Especially with Android application development, deployment can be done in multiple ways. Android apps can be downloaded not only from Google Play Store but also from other third-party markets.

easy adoption a good mobile application

Easy Adoption:

A good mobile application development platform is user-friendly and has a short learning curve. Automatic code generation implies that developers can devote time to developing aspects of the app’s functionality.

Testing and Turnover:

Mobile application development platforms depend on creating multiple prototypes and having them tested as often as necessary to achieve flawless functioning.

Inclusion in the Internet of Things (IoT):

Apps are pivotal to sustaining the IoT. They streamline this connectivity and facilitate better use of such items. Thus, companies must leverage the benefits of a mobile application development platform.

why your business needs an app

Why Your Business Needs an App

  • Mobile application development platforms are popular for many reasons that eventually boil down to the bottom line which is:
  • Without an app, it is virtually impossible to keep up with the tech savvy, digitally immersed world that constitutes the customer base.
  • Apps show no signs of loosening the hold they have on online commerce.
  • As customers shift en-masse to internet powered smartphones, companies must follow.
  • A presence on, at the very least, Google’s and Apple’s app stores, is necessary to become a long-term player on the market.
  • If you are a business looking to stay in the game, start looking up mobile apps development platforms.