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5 Tips to Choose the Right Platform for Mobile Application Development PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Tips to Choose the Right Platform for Mobile Application Development

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5 Tips to Choose the Right Platform for Mobile Application Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Choosing the right mobile application development platform depends on the specific needs of your business. Here are 5 tips to consider.\n

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5 tips to help

5 Tips to Help

Choose the Right Platform for Mobile Application Development

understanding your target audience

Understanding Your Target Audience

  • Mobile applications serve enormous assistance in our daily lifestyle. With the increasing usage of smartphones, the mobile app market has been expanding like never before. From a developer’s perspective, it is important to keep several aspects of app development before beginning the development process. The first and foremost consideration is knowing your target audience.
  • Geographical criteria of your target audience vary in many ways. It is imperative for a mobile app developer to understand the preferences of various regions. For instance, if Southeast Asia is your targeted area and Android is mostly used in smartphones, you should consider Android as the right mobile application development platform.
cross platform development

Cross Platform Development

The development of mobile applications that can run on multiple platforms is known as cross-platform development. Either a company develops an original app on a native platform or develops the app on a particular platform.

Generally, cross-platform development tools are useful because of they:

  • Increase the speed of app development
  • Reduces the cost of development
  • Are of simple prototype


advantages of native applications include these

Advantages of native applications include these features:

  • Flexible in nature
  • Uses the phone’s battery and memory in an economy mode
  • They use all the functions of the device such as contacts, GPS, camera, etc.

Advantages of hybrid applications include these features:

  • Coding for all platforms is written at once, hence short time-to-market
  • It can be imported into any device easily
  • Less time is required for the whole development process
identifying the features

Identifying the Features

Features and user experience play an important role in making an app successful. Before deciding the platform for app development, the developers should check if testing, hosting, deploying debugging can be done or not, during the entire lifecycle of the app.

Checking the backend services of the specific platform should also be done. The following aspects should be checked:

  • Push notifications
  • Data storage
  • Authentication

The requirements features should be compared with the capabilities of the application that is being developed.

using the correct analytic tool

Using the Correct Analytic Tool

A mobile application’s performance can be tracked and analyzed by various tools. It is essential to understand the objective of the app and choose the right analytic tool. While choosing the tool and resources, the following should be included:

  • Demographic info
  • Audio content info
  • Video content info
  • Real-time activities
check the compatibility

Check the Compatibility

As technology keeps on changing, it is important to ensure the compatibility of your app with changing technology. Designing apps in line with the preferred coding language of mobile app platform should be the top priority. It is suggested to write the codes in languages that include Java (used for Android apps), Objective C (used for iOS apps) among others.