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Why Use Rapid Application Development Platform? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Use Rapid Application Development Platform?

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Why Use Rapid Application Development Platform? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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For faster and more flawless software development, the RAD platform is preferred by developers worldwide. The RAD platform is used for many purposes. To know more click here https://www.hokuapps.com/products/rapid-application-development-platform/

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why use


a Rapid Application Development Platform?

what is a rapid application development rad

What is a Rapid Application Development (RAD)?

  • RAD Platforms are low-code software development tools used by modern businesses to build customized businesses applications.
  • Easy Rapid Application Development platforms bring down the number of steps involved in building an application.
  • The user can also customize a required program with the drag and drop feature that allows to play around with different elements on a template.
  • The user simply needs to click the fields to be included and customize the program according to business requirements. The RAD tools will handle the rest.
what are the features of rad

What are the Features of RAD?

  • The Rapid Application Development model involves prototyping and an iterative approach with little or no planning.
  • The Rapid Application Development approach to software development indicates putting a lesser emphasis on planning the tasks, more emphasis on developing, and coming up with a prototype.
  • It indicates building on evolving requirements as more learnings are drawn with the progress in development.
  • A Rapid Application Development platform has four essential aspects: methodology, people, management, and tools.
when to use the rad model

When to Use the RAD Model?

  • When you need a model that is flexible and adaptable to changes, opt for RAD
  • It is particularly useful when you have to reduce the overall risk of a project
  • Due to the process of generating and reusing codes, there is a reduction in manual coding
how hokuapps can help you

How HokuApps can Help you

  • With disparate systems legacy software, such as ERP and CRM, HokuApps' connectors enable all the systems work as a streamlined process.
  • HokuApps offers one-click integration offers more than 500 applications integrations.
  • Thus, HokuApps aids in instantly building applications that matters the most for your business.
what are the advantages of rad

What are the Advantages of RAD?

  • Due to prototyping, there is a possibility of lesser defects
  • Each phase in RAD is known for delivering highest functionality to clients
  • In the RAD model, despite having fewer individuals involved, productivity can be increased within a short period of time