what is rad and what can it do n.
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What is RAD and How it Benefits Your Business PowerPoint Presentation
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What is RAD and How it Benefits Your Business

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What is RAD and How it Benefits Your Business - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Rapid Action Development Platform is set to revolutionize businesses forever. Any organizations can now create a business application with ease, and at a great speed. To know more click here https://www.hokuapps.com/products/rapid-application-development-platform/

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What is RAD and How it Benefits Your Business

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before and after rad platform

Before and After RAD Platform

  • Before RAD Platforms came into existence, businesses had to depend on IT for their applications. IT would devise the structure, create the complex coding and give it the final shape.
  • After the introduction of RAD Platforms, creating a business application now has a streamlined process.
  • IT intervention is not required, and the application can be created with significant speed.
rad platform the works

RAD Platform: The Works

  • RAD Platforms are low-code software development tools, that need very little coding knowledge, allowing anyone with basic technical skills to create, design and set up an application.
  • The user works on a graphic interface, where he can customize templates with ease, to match the business requirements.
  • The development process takes place in parts, making the project more manageable and minimizing business risks significantly.
platform as a service paas and rad platform

Platform as a Service (PaaS) and RAD Platform

  • PaaS is a new cloud-based technology, where a user can rent high-end development tools, which is quite user-friendly.
  • PaaS and RAD tools when working hand in hand, reduces the majority of the coding work, saving time and costs related to application development.
  • RAD Platforms are capable of creating a software with 80% “drag and drop” and just 20% coding.
rad platform business benefits

RAD Platform Business Benefits

  • IT professionals would be spending most of their time reworking on software, perfecting them. Only after the application would be complete, users would review them, and they would have to correct all over again.
  • RAD Platforms are an interactive bridge between the business and the end-users. The developers work with the users and acquire feedback, modifying the application along the development period.
  • This ensures that iterations are avoided, additional costs of rework are saved, and the end product matches the user’s requirements completely.
minimizing delays and setbacks

Minimizing Delays and Setbacks

  • Software issues and related delays in the project are reduced majorly, as the project is broken up into parts and handled separately. This increases efficiency and speeds up the production process.
  • Dependence on IT is done away with, as the coding is minimal, and anyone with the basic know-how can complete the application development.
  • RAD Platforms have a seamless development process, which is followed by a quick test at the end of every stage. When the individual parts are perfected, the software is put together, and it is ready to be launched.
  • RAD Platforms save a business time, effort and costs. The short-term projects are handled efficiently, and the application is launched with every customization the user may require.