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Quality App (Software) Development Using HokuApps RAD Tools PowerPoint Presentation
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Quality App (Software) Development Using HokuApps RAD Tools

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Quality App (Software) Development Using HokuApps RAD Tools - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The HokuApps RAD tools facilitate rapid application development and delivery without compromising on the quality aspect of the product. To know more click here https://www.hokuapps.com/products/rapid-application-development-software/

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Quality App (Software) Development Using HokuApps RAD Tools

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why rad tools are essential for

Why RAD Tools are Essential for

Quality Software Development

why rad tools are essential for quality software

Why RAD Tools are Essential for Quality Software Development

  • Irrespective of the industry a business falls into, a website and one or more applications are imperative to gain a competitive edge.
  • The survival of the business depends on the extent to which organizations leverage digitization.
  • Business landscape and customer preference changing rapidly.
  • The need for speed in the dynamic market renders the lengthy and linear ‘Waterfall’ model ineffective.
  • This is where Rapid app development takes the center stage.
  • The RAD methodology is relevant to digital service providers as well as enterprises seeking digitization.
traditional model vs rad model

Traditional Model vs RAD Model

  • Traditional Model
  • The traditional waterfall model makes customers wait until the entire product is ready.
  • Its linear approach creates apps in the way of hand-coding.
  • By the time the application is ready for deployment, some or much of customers’ requirement changes and then changes have to be made from the first lines of coding to the last.
rad model rapid application development focuses

RAD Model

  • Rapid Application Development focuses on building the product in a cyclic fashion rather than linearly.
  • It involves creating apps on pre-built templates and modules with a drag-and-drop approach to app building.
  • All the modules have their respective independent functions and are developed parallel.
  • This technique makes it easy for your customers to identify the scope for improvement within a particular component of an app. The required modification can be incorporated by reworking only the specific section.
  • When the modules are developed as desired, they can be integrated into a whole product.
steps to develop quality software

Steps to Develop Quality Software

Creating a model:

You need to create a blueprint of the flow of information within the business and across various channels. Once you have a clear picture of your customer’s business model, vital data objects need to be defined next. It is critical that you identify and define the attributes of the data objects, and establish a relationship between each of them with respect to the business. It helps in finalizing the development process.


The HokuApps RAD tools enable you to convert the defined data objects and business model into prototypes easily and with precision in a very short frame of time.


Implementation of the RAD model shortens the testing phase as each prototype is separately tested during each iteration. Chances of a major risk are low since each module was already tested during the iterations.

benefits of hokuapps rad tools

Benefits of HokuApps RAD Tools

Shorter Time to Market:

The pre-packaged interfaces of the HokuApps rapid app development platform provides a modular approach that undoubtedly expedites the development process.

IT Systems Enhancement:

HokuApps RAD system development does not require any major change in your existing IT infrastructure. It integrates seamlessly with the systems and enhances their capability.

Low Cost:

HokuApps RAD tools provide access to data and analysis in real time. It enables you to optimize operations by streamlining processes, which in turn, reduces development costs significantly.

Increased ROI:

Lowered operational costs, enhanced IT systems, and shortened time-to-market collectively result in significant ROI increase.