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Low Code Rapid Application Development Trends And Myths PowerPoint Presentation
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Low Code Rapid Application Development Trends And Myths

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Low Code Rapid Application Development Trends And Myths - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The common myths surrounding low code development of enterprise apps using the rapid app development model have been systematically debunked, and emerging trends in app development, especially hybrid ones, have been described. Suggestions for how to select an appropriate platform have been made. To know more click here https://www.hokuapps.com/products/rapid-application-development-platform/

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Presentation Transcript
a brief background to low code app development

A Brief Background to Low Code App Development

  • “Low code app development” using a RAD Model is hardly a new phenomenon, but it has not always been known by this term.
  • The term “low code app development” has only been around for the last couple of years, and was coined by Forrester Research, a research analysis firm.
  • This development in rapid app development technology has provided a high degree of general and overall facilitation to the developer in full.
  • This enables members of the business and marketing teams to collaborate with the IT team of a company in the creation of apps.
  • It also promotes a fast development and deployment process, and speed is a key factor for businesses.
5 myths debunked

5 Myths Debunked

  • The more ambitious the app, the longer the development process
  • The time taken to produce and test an app does not increase or decrease with the level of complexity of its functions when an Enterprise RAD Platform is used.
  • This is because the RAD Model does not use a linear, waterfall-like approach.
  • Compelling UI/UX design requires advance expertise
  • Low code app development on an Enterprise RAD Platform does not call for advanced technical knowledge and expertise to produce great user interface and/or user experience of the app.
  • This is because Enterprise RAD Platforms come with templates and tools for visually developing the app.
  • This functionality is known as WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get - this means you can design slick and intuitive UI/UX with minimal expertise relying mainly on creativity in the use of readily available technology.
enterprise apps do not receive adequate it support

Enterprise Apps do Not Receive Adequate IT Support.

  • There is a widely prevalent presumption that it is only the core apps that receive direct support from the app’s IT team.
  • The reason that this is a misinformed opinion, is that, most Enterprise RAD Platforms provide for support features, as the RAD Model is itself a collaborative and non-linear approach to app development.
  • This makes all apps made using rapid app development methods user friendly, with provisions for support.
enterprise rad platforms are closed

Enterprise RAD Platforms are Closed-off and Proprietary in Nature.

  • This is not entirely false, as most Enterprise RAD Platforms do tend to, sort of, “lock” the developers into the system, so that shifting away from which becomes almost unthinkable during the course of the development of the enterprise app.
  • However, this is not a pervasive feature of the RAD Model, and there are some platforms available that do allow developers to navigate away from the foundational platform.
  • One such platform is the Enterprise RAD Platform by HokuApps.
cross platform apps do not have the complete

Cross Platform Apps Do Not have the Complete Set of Features

  • Some cross-platform apps, it is true, do not support all the features. But as hybrid enterprise apps are becoming more popular, and the demand for them is on the rise, there are some companies providing low code development platforms using the RAD Model that are successfully meeting the demand.
  • One such provider of an effective Enterprise RAD Platform is HokuApps.
  • Now that you have a fairly clear perspective on the trends in app development using the RAD Model and an Enterprise RAD Platform, and the common myths are dispelled, you are now well equipped to deal effectively with your specific app building requirements.