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Important Aspects of Rapid Application Development PowerPoint Presentation
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Important Aspects of Rapid Application Development

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Important Aspects of Rapid Application Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rapid Application Development possesses certain distinct features that make it ideal for feeding the overwhelming demand for user-friendly, profitable apps. To know more click here

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Important Aspects of Rapid Application Development

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important aspects


of Rapid Application Development

why use rapid application development

Why Use Rapid Application Development?

  • In 1992, James Martin created the Rapid Application Development Model (RADM) because he was frustrated with traditional development approaches which took inordinately long amounts of time and laborious planning to create software.
  • Even so, any changes that had to be made entailed exorbitant expenses and equally long, thankless hours writing code.
  • The RADM, on the other hand, is designed for accelerated delivery. In addition, developers are able to create apps more in alignment with needs and preferences users, instead of creates them on the basis of vague design documents.
  • Every feature of Rapid Application Development is geared for the cost-effective creation of high-quality applications.
important aspects of rapid application development

Important Aspects of Rapid Application Development

Interactive Visual Interface:

RAD Platforms employs an interface that lets users drag and drop design components to build an app. This saves them time that manual coding might have taken up.

Low-Code Approach:

RAD Platforms use Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools to minimise hand-coding. This saves time, especially when upgrades, modifications, and iterations have to be rolled out in minutes or hours.

Reusable Code:

RAD tools gain speed of execution with reusable code and components. CASE tools are greatly conducive to this end. The ability to reuse previously written code is nothing shorts of a godsend when it comes to making updates and changes in accordance with user feedback.

instant prototyping rad tools focus on creating

Instant prototyping:

RAD tools focus on creating instant, functioning prototypes which are then delivered to stakeholder and business executives for testing. Their feedback is closely adhered to and necessary changes are made accordingly. This ensures that there are no glaring mistakes in the final product and that it is usable for real-world users.

Seamless Backend Integration:

RAD tools have to work in tandem with a company’s existing software infrastructure. It cannot just create apps, but must also empower apps with the potential to integrate with myriad online and offline resources.

Low Cost of App Development:

Since apps are built within shorter timelines, exorbitant costs of extended development processes are avoided. Better made apps also lead to more downloads and purchases, which help to assuage whatever expenses might have been incurred.

maintaining industry standards rad tools meet

Maintaining Industry Standards:

RAD tools meet industry standards by enabling integration of disparate features. Supporting common technologies used in an industry leads to shorter learning curves, making RAD tools exceptionally user-friendly.

Collaborative Project Management:

The RAD Model requires that developers take heed of guidelines and feedback provided by business leaders and stakeholders while shaping the app, both before and during the project. Thus, all parties concerned are constantly updated about what the scenario is regarding the project. This makes for significantly better project management.