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Here’s Why “RAD Software” is More Than a Trending Buzzword PowerPoint Presentation
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Here’s Why “RAD Software” is More Than a Trending Buzzword

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Here’s Why “RAD Software” is More Than a Trending Buzzword - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This article proves to you why RAD software is a technology that is here to stay, by taking the reader through a logical argument. To know more click here https://www.hokuapps.com/products/rapid-application-development-software/

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rad software

RAD Software

is More Than a Trending Buzzword. Here's Why...

when we think about the hokuapps rad software

When we think about the HokuApps RAD software, the first couple of features that come to mind is low code, and consequently, the collaborative app development process which takes the business-oriented objectives of developing the app into account.

  • Taking off from this basic premise, there are several advantages to rapid application development software.
  • They enable businesses to develop and deploy apps rapidly - both customized web and mobile apps without requiring a complex level of coding.
the key advantages of a low code rapid

The Key Advantages of a Low-Code Rapid Application Development Software

  • With the new players on the scene emerging every day, businesses which are already established, now need to differentiate themselves, and constantly innovate, in order to live up to their brand reputation. They have to deliver apps faster, cheaper, and importantly, better, and continuously improve their customer relationships. This, therefore, is most definitely, a competitive edge that low code rapid application development software provides.
  • Simply put, traditional app development approaches cannot keep pace with the efficiency levels of rapid application development software.
a chief capability of rapid application

A chief capability of rapid application development software is that it enables IT and business to put their heads together in a collaborative app development process. This makes the process iterative, time-saving, and efficient.

  • RAD software provides an excellent platform for communication between the IT and business stakeholders - which were, thus far, looked upon as two separate entities. RAD software does away with this concept and ensures improved quality of software and much more successful business outcomes.
  • Low code RAD software shortens the amount of time taken to produce an app, whatever the nature or complexity of it. A series of successive bespoke and user-friendly applications can be brought out using a single platform.
why hokuapps s rapid application development

Why HokuApps’s Rapid Application Development Software?

  • The reason why HokuApps platform is a sure-shot success factor is because they deliver on the promises they make.
  • They even allow a risk-free trial period of three-weeks for their RAD software, whereby their offerings can be tried and tested before purchase.
  • This takes into consideration the fact that the organization’s investment in the RAD software is going to be sizeable, and therefore, they have to be sure of the RAD software capabilities and the returns on their investment.
  • In this way, HokuApps is not just another run-of-the-mill vendor of a third-party app; they are a business partner who will further your ends.
traditional methods that lay emphasis

Traditional methods that lay emphasis on IT expertise like coding are defunct, and also draw upon a whole lot of resources.

  • Not only is the app development process in this method resource-intensive, but the resultant app will also have to be marked at a far higher price, which will not be competitive at all.
  • In short, the traditional approach is loss-making for business, as its products do not meet the demands and expectations that the end-users have an app in present times.