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Common Misconceptions About the Rapid Application Development Software PowerPoint Presentation
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Common Misconceptions About the Rapid Application Development Software

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Common Misconceptions About the Rapid Application Development Software - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Low-code RAD platforms are the modern way to accelerate the enterprise app development and delivery process. However, there are certain misconceptions surrounding this versatile platform. This blog discusses some of the common misconceptions about RAD platforms. To know more click here

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Common Misconceptions About the Rapid Application Development Software

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common misconceptions

Common Misconceptions

About the Rapid Application Development Software

rapid software development is for creating small

Rapid Software Development is for Creating Small-Scale Applications Only

  • People tend to believe that the RAD platform is best suited for building minimally-coded software applications and is designed to handle smaller applications.
  • In actuality, a RAD platform can be useful for building both smaller and larger applications.
  • RAD Tools are for Advanced Developers Only
  • Some people strongly believe that RAD platforms are for expert developers since they have the right skillset to work with RAD platforms.
  • The platform’s drag and drop functionality allow users to drag and drop symbols around the visual development interface thereby, creating an application where little or no coding is required.
  • Therefore, both professional developers and business users are able to develop apps in less time and with minimal technical skills.
rad software development is for start ups only

RAD Software Development is for Start-ups Only

  • Some people believe that RAD platforms are for startups and not for big organizations.
  • But in actuality, big organizations do use RAD platforms and derive ample benefits from it.
  • RAD can be Used for Mobile App Development Only
  • A robust RAD platform allows developers to build apps simultaneously for multiple platforms.
  • Developers are able to build, test, and deploy an app for several platforms in a much less time as compared to manual coding.
  • These features have convinced businesses to use RAD platforms for both web and mobile app development.
rad platforms cannot support multiple features

RAD Platforms cannot Support Multiple Features

  • Some believe that RAD platforms may not support a host of features while there are others that believe that RAD platforms allow developers to build apps that are rich in functionality.
  • Some RAD platforms also allow users to customize features to suit business and stakeholder needs.
  • In general, RAD platforms successfully handle complex updates, fixes bugs periodically and integrates data from third-party Saap apps.
  • You cannot Create Sterling UI/UX using RAD Tools
  • Some developers are of the opinion that RAD platforms do not support UI/UX components and creating UI /UX is possible only with traditional methods.
  • Such is not the case, however, since UI/ UX can be built with RAD platforms.
it takes time to build big apps modern low code

It Takes Time to Build Big Apps

  • Modern low-code RAD platforms with its minimal coding requirement, visual drag and drop functionality and real-time prototyping, streamlines and accelerates the app delivery process thereby allowing developers to build big complex apps faster.
  • RAD Applications cannot be Integrated with Other Business Tools
  • Enterprise data exists in disparate systems such as proprietary enterprise systems and APIs from external entities. This makes data integration a time-consuming process.
  • Low-code RAD platforms with its visual approach allow developers to connect to the disparate data systems and embed and configure data elements directly into the application eventually closing the integration gap.
  • Rapid Application Development will Steal the Job of the Developer
  • Professional developers consider RAD platforms to be a threat to their job security.
  • Users utilizing RAD platforms do not need to know any specific language or possess specialized skills.
  • Developers with varying skill levels and non-technical business users can build their own prototypes with RAD platforms.
you will need expert intervention

You will Need Expert Intervention for Professional Security and Database Design

  • Professional apps built using traditional methods are likely to have top-notch security features and appropriate database design.
  • Developers using low-code RAD platforms are often skeptical about achieving the same level of professional security and database design.
  • But RAD platforms usually come with new technologies such as the drag-and-drop functionality, automatic table creations, and configurable security features.
  • If you can Code, you Should Always Code Instead of Using RAD Platforms
  • The platform allows skilled developers to create add-ons, plugins and other relevant components when building apps.