best rapid application development rad software in n.
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Best Rapid Application Development (RAD) Software in 2018 PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Rapid Application Development (RAD) Software in 2018

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Best Rapid Application Development (RAD) Software in 2018 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Best RAD software like HokuApps provide enterprises with the ability to rapidly develop and configure enterprise-grade apps within a low-code environment. To know more click here

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how do you choose a rad software

How Do You Choose a RAD Software?

  • The entire point of owning smartphones has boiled down to using the millions of apps that have flooded the online commercial space. It would not be amiss to say that there is practically an app for everything.
  • The increase in apps has been accompanied by a rise in rapid application development software. This makes sense, for you need RAD software to create great apps and get them to market within short periods of time.
  • The ideal RAD software offers a low-code development environment that bridges any operational gaps that may exist in complex line-of-business systems.
  • HokuApps’ RAD software does exactly that and hence has been able to establish itself as a strong contender for the title of the best RAD software in 2018.
why use hokuapps

Why Use HokuApps?

App Development Speed:

The HokuApps RAD software uses a low-code framework and an interface that lets developers drag and drop design components from the library to put the app together. This saves them the trouble of having to write a winding line of code for every last thing. Consequently, apps can be finished within weeks or days instead of months.

Cross-Platform Support:

HokuApps’ RAD software is built to deliver top-notch cross-platform apps. This serves the purpose of being compatible with multiple devices running multiple platforms. At the very least, each app must be able to run flawlessly on Android and iOS to have any chance at success.


post deployment management the hokuapps software

Post-Deployment Management:

The HokuApps software does not end its role with the app’s launch. It helps to enact changes in the app, in accordance with feedback from users who have operated it on their various devices since its launch. This not only keeps the app updated but also establishes great customer experience and sustainable company reputation.

User-Friendly Environment:

You don’t need to be highly skilled to work the HokuApps platform. Checkboxes, drop-down menus, radio buttons and similar options can be used to change and configure the app’s features. In addition, automated coding tools leave most of the coding to the platform and eliminate the need for specific technical expertise. The platform can be used by a much greater number of individuals and encourages a democratic usage.


collaborative process collaboration is the core

Collaborative Process:

Collaboration is the core of the HokuApps process. It lets you create the app’s blueprints with input from stakeholders and business executives. The actual development is perpetually accompanied by feedback from a control group of actual potential users. Their feedback is taken into account in order to address the app’s functional and aesthetic nuances. The collaborative ethic also promotes a more open, transparent and overall healthy work environment.

Minimal IT Sprawl:

The HokuApps platform creates apps that help to reduce the sprawl of disparate solutions and information silos that a business might be besieged by. The platform also invests apps with connectors that help to seamlessly integrate them with existing legacy systems and any third-party applications and services.


versatility hokuapps has built its rad software


HokuApps has built its RAD software on the basis of long experience. The developers of the platforms have designed it to adapt to the various nuances of app creation within actual scenarios that may arise in a variety of industries.

Connect Data and Content:

The HokuApps RAD software enables you to connect data from various content sources, which minimizes chances of different silos cropping up. Optimal data integration is facilitated in order to synchronize data from variant sources and create a shared content database.

Robust Security:

HokuApps pays great attention to creating a multi-layered security mechanism for the apps it creates. We create apps empowered to defend against a range of threats - third-party intrusions, data leaks, hacks, malware, viruses, etc. HokuApps uses 256-bit enterprise-grade security, offers an executive dashboard for real-time analytics and stores data on the cloud-based Amazon AWS.