annapurna base camp trek n.
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Himalaya trekking PowerPoint Presentation
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Himalaya trekking

Himalaya trekking

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Himalaya trekking

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  1. Annapurna base camp trek Himalayan Trekking Pvt.Ltd (Himalayan Trekking is the eminent company that specializes in providing high-level experiences of Himalayan adventure)

  2. ABOUT US • It was founded in 2003. It offers outdoor adventure trips into three very different cultures that include Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. It can provide you with trips that include peak climbing, mountaineering, rafting, mountain biking, as well as wildlife safaris. • If you are an adventure lover want to experience the ultimate adventure in the Himalayan region, and then choose the company to fulfill your dreams. Our courteous team of experts strives hard to arrange everything in the price you can afford that reflects the wide range of services we provide to our valued customers. • Our company is a government registered travel and tour company. We have a strong management team which is always in service to clients. Our tour guides can explain in detail about the culture, history, nature, Himalaya trekking, religion, geography, and way of life about any places that you choose for your vacation. • Our company friendly and experienced team members can mix or match activities as needed to exceed your expectations during your holidays. We can also address any special physical or dining requirements. Our professional team constantly monitors our range of tourism-related industry to make sure that we offer the highest quality with comfort.



  5. How Travel Agency Plans Your Itinerary For Langtang Valley Trek? In this world, most of the youngsters are an adventure lover and they love enthralling activities. If you are passionate for trekking at Langtang trek, then you need to choose the reliable travel agency that plans your itinerary as per your trip budget. The trekking is the perfect activity for those peoples who are extremely loved and addict on adventures. Willing to enjoy trekking at Langtang trek in Nepal with your buddies? If so, then you need to be very careful about choosing the best travel agency who plans your itinerary as per your requirement. For the first time travelers, it’s very difficult to plan a trip to any place especially if you like to take the first time experience of trekking with your buddies. All you have an idea that it’s very difficult to find the best travel company so, all you need to do is to find a reliable trekking agency to facilitate an amazing package for you.

  6. As you choose any recognized travel agency for planning trip to Langtang trek and try to take its travel package, then you will receive complete service and support to go through the Himalayas. You have to be very watchful before choosing any holiday package from the travel agency. Gather all the essential information regarding the travel agency, a particular region of trekking at Langtang valley trek so, that you can pick packages as per your duration, budget. What Kind Of Experience Do You Get At Langtang Valley Trek? In order to perform trekking at Langtang valley trek then it provides the lifetime opportunity to the trekkers. When you are trekking in the valley you can see the various birds and wild animals such as monkey, snow leopard, serow, ghoral, and much more. During your trekking tour, the travelers can see the panoramic view of Nepal. Langtang is the national park that spread more than 1700 square kilometer. The Langtang national park is the 1st national park in Himalaya. Don’t waste your precious time just get ready and pack your bags for experience the thrill during your trekking at Langtang valley trek. If you perform trekking in the beautiful valley then it allows you to learn the culture and tradition of local people. You can explore the waterfalls, snow-capped mountain peak, wild premolar, rugged rock, forest, bamboo, and others. You can enjoy eating the Himalayan local food in the trekking tour. So without wasting your precious time chooses the best travel company that plans your itinerary as per your need.

  7. How Travel Agency Plans Package For Trekking At Langtang Trek? Finally, if you decide for trekking at Langtang Trek, then you can ask the trekking agency for a complete package for this region. If you want to see what the package is going to be included then it includes safe travel, comfortable accommodation, the proper guide for trekking, and many more. You can expect amazing service from a travel agency for your trek or can make it successful. You will receive a complete guide from professionals and will be able to make your itinerary memorable experience of your life. When you visit Langtang valley trek, then you will have the opportunity to see the beauty of nature with your buddies and family members.

  8. Annapurna Base Camp Trek

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  10. CONTACT US Address: Dhobichaur, Chhetrapati Kathmandu, 44600, Nepal Phone no: 09851032316 Website: Gmail: