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Helical Insight is world\'s first open source Business Intelligence framework. It is completely browser based solution and provides all the capabilities expected out of any BI tool like user role management, multi-tenant environment, exporting, email scheduling, device compatibility, Administration etc.

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Helical Insight : Future Ready BI Framework

Visualize, Analyze, Be Wise


100% Browser Based

Self service BI

Future Ready

Embed inside your product

Developer Friendly

Inbuilt Work Flow

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

No Dedicated Resource



Pluggable Arch.

Instant BI

Features : Instant BI

  • Google like interface to ask questions and get relevant answers

  • Write questions in your local english language

  • No technical knowledge required, instant solution

  • Backend consists of Machine learning algorithms and Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms

  • Further customization also possible by adding javascript, html, cssetc

Features : Report

  • Create parameterized interactive reports with input parameters

  • Aesthetically appealing reports (tabular, cross tab report, charts and visualizations)

  • Ability to add CSS, HTML, Images, AJAX in report for complete control

  • Ability to drill down and drill through

  • Sorting, Filtering, Search, Download, Save, Export, Email etc functionality present

  • Export of data, export of report and other extensive exporting options

Features : Dashboard

  • Create parameterized interactive dashboard with input parameters

  • add CSS, HTML, Javascript and AJAX to make dynamic dashboard.

  • Supports drill down, drill through and drill across

  • Download, Save, Export, Email etc

  • Inter-panel communication

Features : Data Visualization

  • Support all flash and javascript charting engines like D3, High Charts, Fusion Charts, Protovis etc

  • Simple charts like Pie, histogram, Donut Chart, Bar graph etc

  • Advanced charts like Sankey, Bubble, Chord Diagram etc fulfilling data scientists and statisticians needs

  • Any new chart can be custom created and integrated

Features : Geographical Dashboard

  • Create interactive parameterized geographical dashboard with overlays, heatmaps, legends, zoom, aggregation and other interactive information

  • Easy integration of google maps, bing maps, openmapbox pro and other mapping engines

Features : Others

  • Not only reports, dashboard Helical Insight allows you to express yourself in many other forms like

    • Infographs

    • Mashups

    • What-if analysis

    • Timeline

    • Cube etc

Features : User & Role Management

  • 4 levels of security which is configurable

    • Organization level

    • Role level

    • User level

    • Profile level

  • Complete control of which user gets to see which data, which report

  • Integration with other application possible

Features : Self Service Capabilities

  • 100% browser based self service capabilities

  • Drag and drop and create reports

  • Apply filters, do mathematical functions, do grouping etc

  • Visualize, export and share the report

  • Dashboard Designer: Drag and drop and create entire dashboard on the fly.

  • Customization option : Via HTML, CSS, Javascript placeholders

Features : Workflow

  • Integrated workflow

  • Allows to define a work flow as per custom business requirement by drag and drop

  • Custom modules can be built at your end and seamlessly integrated

  • Use Case 1 : A customer care wants to monitor status of ticket, and based on the time spent and SLA matrix it has to escalate. A work flow will be useful, report would be create and every time the SLA is crossed it can send mail to next escalation manager.

  • Use Case 2 : Every time ETL runs, we have to refresh the cache memory of Business Intelligencewith new data for most commonly used reports. Then only those reports are to be sent via email.

Features : Extend and Expand

  • API Driven : all features are API driven, allowing end developer to add functionality without vendor dependence. Like

    • New data type support : Using API connector, build on top of it and connect to any custom data source

    • New Exporting Option: Apart from CSV, PDF, Image etc, you want some custom exporting like SAS format, EDI format etc. Use exporting API and build your own exporting option.

    • New visualization inside Adhoc : Use API and add your own visualization

    • New security layer : User security API and add your own security layer

    • Others : All other features like email scheduling, caching, user role management etc are API driven.

  • Functionality : New functionality can be added at back end using Java and frontend using HTML Javascript

Features : Others

  • Caching : Server level caching makes sure that the solution gives excellent performance, even with many concurrent users.

  • Exporting : Reports and dashboards can be exported in various formats like CSV (data), pdf, image etc.

  • Email Scheduling : Different reports, dashboards can be sent via email in any format on a time basis or event basis.

  • Device Agnostic : Solution can be accessed via any mobile or tablet or TV without any issue.


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