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Electronic Health Record

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Electronic Health Record - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Electronic Health Record

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    types and content of health records

    Types and content of health records

    Medical Records or Health Information Management records are meant for organizing

    patient’s health data by ensuring accuracy, quality, accessibility, and security

    What are Medical Records?

    In modern medical industry, the terms health record and medical record are used

    interchangeably, both meaning the documentation of a patient’s complete medical details

    such as medical history and health care over a period of time that covers the person’s


    Electronic Health Record

    medical records include various types of notes

    Medical Records include various types of notes as entered by the treating physician or

    service providers, describing their observations, therapies and procedures performed, and

    medications. In addition, medical record consists of tests and results, x-rays and

    radiology reports, and family history. Health records may be maintained in the form of

    the provider’s preference.Electronic Health Record

    Broad Classification of Medical Records

    According to the format in which they are maintained, medical records may be classified

    as follows:

    Paper-based Medical Records: This is the normal type of traditional paper chart

    one gets to see at the physician’s place – this is getting obsolete and is widely

    being replaced with digital records

    Hybrid Records: In this type, patients’ medical information is stored partially on

    paper with the other portion being stored on the computer – this creates difficulty

    in finding all data at one instant, as data is split and stored in different places

    Electronic Health Records: Promising accuracy and offering easy access, this

    technology-driven modern tool is sure to revolutionize medical record management and

    health care quality. By providing a collective and all-in-one view of various health

    information pertaining to a patient drawn from varied providers, Electronic Health

    Record ensures that patients and providers are able to reach crucial medical information

    when and as required.

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