is my electronic health records available n.
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Electronic Health Record

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Electronic Health Record - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Electronic Health Record

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is my electronic health records available

Is My Electronic Health Records available for Smartphone/ Tablet?

The fact that most of the office-based health care providers across the globe have started

using Electronic Health Records (EHRs) describes how this health care information

technology has penetrated the modern medical industry. Now the next important step

ahead is linking the widely used Electronic Health Record with users’ mobile devices.

Extensive Use of Electronic Health Record and the Rising Mobile Devices Usage

The rise of mobile devices has had its own positive impact on health information

technology access while providing patients effective tools for participating in their

personal health. With the capability to pair with the Electronic Health Record as well as

the practice revenue cycle management platforms apart from other related tools, mobile

devices empower physicians to complete their routine tasks more easily and with


Electronic Health Record

significance of mobile devices for providers

Significance of Mobile Devices for Providers

In addition to providing convenience, mobile access helps providers in other important

ways too. The erstwhile common issue of physicians having to spend a lot of time using

the Electronic Health Record has been addressed by mobile device usage. With mobile

access, physicians are relieved from long hours in front of their desktops and laptops for

data entry. During patient visits, this comes handy – as it makes the visit more personal

and patients more satisfied.

Mobile access to Electronic Health Record helps improve care coordination. Moreover,

providers can update the clinical documents in Electronic Health Record from

anywhere, thus healthcare process is expedited. Using mobile devices for ordering

supplies results in cost reduction by about 20% and patients are able to receive medical

supplies early too.

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