why would i want to keep an electronic health n.
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Electronic Health Record

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why would i want to keep an electronic health

Why Would I want to keep an Electronic Health Record?

One of the key components of modern medical informatics, the Electronic Health Record

is the longitudinal digital patient health information record generated by one or more

encounters in any health care setting. Enabling medical professionals and patients to

capture all necessary health information of patients electronically, this software platform

includes patient demographics, problems, progress notes, medications, medical history,

vital signs, and lab and radiology reports.

Significant Role Played by EHR Software in the Present Health Care Scenario

Electronic Health Record is the most important health information technology for the

future of medical industry. It forms the core of the new model of individuals’ and

families’ medical care. Acting as an efficient tool that transforms medical practices to

meet patient needs as well as practice needs, this modern health information system helps

enhance information access and workflows.

Electronic Health Record

by adopting the electronic health record

By adopting the Electronic Health Record, practices and medical professionals are

enabled to improve efficiency and productivity while patients are being provided the

most optimal care. Automated processes and decision support facilitated by this software

ensures health care facilities deliver high quality and safer care to patients. Overall safety,

efficiency, and quality are improved by Electronic Health Record.

Reasons Why EHR Software is Crucial

Facilitating quick and effective health information exchange across borders, EHR

Software has several advantages.

Improvement in Care Quality

oDecision support at point of care

oBetter preventive care services

oQuick, easy, and remote access to patient information

oEvidence-based clinical guidelines can be integrated

oChronic disease management is made easy

Productivity Improvement

oChart pulls are reduced

oTranscription costs are reduced

oImproved billing

oImproved communication

oCompliance needs are met

oClearer prescription and reduced pharmacy callbacks

Benefits to Physicians and Health Organizations

oFast and reliable sharing of patient information among different


oComprehensive and accurate clinical documentation

oData security and confidentiality

o providers are enabled to meet their goals while

oProviders are enabled to meet their goals while getting more patient time

oReduction in paperwork, redundancy, and duplication

Financial Advantages

oMore time with patients and increased number of patients

oFinancial incentives

oReduced need for resources

oSpace and time needed for medical record maintenance is reduced

oImproved continuity of care

Helping generate a comprehensive record of information related to patient encounters

while supporting several other activities related to care, Electronic Health Record ensures

that both providers and patients are greatly benefitted in various ways.

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