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Personal Health Records Software PowerPoint Presentation
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Personal Health Records Software

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Personal Health Records Software - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Personal Health Records Software

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  1. Who secures the information in the PHR? Need for Security and Confidentiality of Personal Health Records Security and privacy concerns about patient information are as old as the medical profession itself. By its very nature, health information happens to be personal. It is to be maintained under strict confidentiality. Human nature also necessitates privacy and security of personal health data. Security of Personal Health Records (PHRs), consisting of vital personal medical information about individuals are considered to be high priority. PHR Software and the ingrained security aspects Designed exclusively for serving patients and their relatives or family members in managing their health information, PHR Software aims primarily at offering a safe Personal Health Records Software

  2. And secure environment for users. There are certain inherent features that assure sensitive medical data is not being accessed or used by those not privy to it. Individuals are given the choice of selecting who can access their health information and how much of it as well. By controlled access and proper authorization processes, it is possible to keep personal medial data under the wraps. Concerns Regarding Information Security in PHRs The following questions must be addressed while designing a unique PHR Software for use by individuals: oIs the data that is accessible to clinicians being shared with others? In case it is, when and why? oIs it possible by a clinician or a specialist to access information of patients partially? oWhat extent family members and friends are allowed access of personal medical information? oHave data use notice and non-disclosure processes been put in place? oIs anyone eligible to access health data except for health care reasons? oIs it possible by non-medical professionals to access individuals’ health information? Privacy and Security of PHRs

  3. Security features of PHR depend on where it originates. In the case of Internet- based PHRs, security is dependent on the devices used for storing and conveying information. When PHR is being maintained by a physician or a medical facility, then security of the information would rather be dependent on medical laws and standards which protect privacy and demand compliance. PHRs are required to comply with privacy policies. By sticking to standards and complying with laws of privacy, individuals’ health information may be secured. 6,First Floor, Vinayaga Avenue, Okkiampettai, Old Mahabalipuram Rd, Chennai,Tamil Nadu 600097 Ph: +91 95666 74450