Covering Personal Health Records
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Web Based Personal Health Records Software – Anytime, Anywhere, and Easy Access to varied devices. Handily manage personal health details with 75Health.\n\n

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Covering Personal Health Records

Personal Health Records and the Medical Industry

Personal Health Records (PHRs) have been in use in one form or other since long.

Only after the public’s awareness and their interest started seeping in, PHR

Software System has been devised and from then on, PHRs have been mainly

created, stored, and managed in the digital format. Use of computers and Internet

penetration has seen to the exponential growth of health IT. PHR Software is one

such medical technology that is being vastly used across the world.

The main objective of PHR Software System is, similar to most of the medical

information technologies, ensuring that health care is made safer and efficient.

Here, the focus is on patient engagement and presenting accurate health

information so that individuals and providers are facilitated to make better

decisions in the diagnoses, care management, and other care-related issues.

Personal Health Records Software

The Journey of the PHR Software

PHRs help improve health care by providing reliable and relevant medical

information about patients in simple and quick way so that critical details are

available during normal times and in emergencies.

During its evolution, PHR has undergone vast change in its way of maintaining

and sharing data. Started out with the humble paper-based records, PHRs have

transformed to be quick and sharp digital records that effectively furnish all vital

health data related to patients.

Benefits of adopting the PHR Software System

Health IT offers the exclusive advantage of doing away with errors – a very crucial

factor in the life-saving health care industry. By its virtue, PHR ensures patient

safety through elimination of not only errors but also duplication and redundancy

in all elements involved in the medical report documentation process.

Clinical decision support- another advantage meted out by PHRs is immensely

helpful through providing computerized warnings and alerts according to patient

needs. This feature assists in prompting drug reactions and allergies related to

patients. When appropriately linked with providers’ Electronic Health Records

(EHRs), they can be updated automatically. Information entered in EHRs may be

updated here through the software directly.

Patients and providers are able to gain great benefits from the PHR Software.

Patients reap the advantage of taking an active role in their own health care and

they are empowered to participate in vital decision making while practices and

physicians are enabled to access critical health data, and thus, end up being able to

provide the best care possible.

With statutory requirements demanding electronic mode of medical record

management, and Internet penetration empowering the medical practices with

various online technologies, PHR Software System is certainly a boon to the health

care industry!

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