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HashGains Is Not A Scam PowerPoint Presentation
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HashGains Is Not A Scam

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HashGains Is Not A Scam - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Let’s be clear of the concepts once again that the future HashGains token is not going to be the real ‘cash’ so it could not be in any way be compared to fiat currency; but it shall be a storage of value to be used to make trading in future! Fiat currency is backed by the government or the national banks of the country but in case of crypto currencies and particularly in case of the upcoming token of HashGains; like any other crypto currency it shall be independent of the regulatory domain of any government.

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HashGains Is Not A Scam

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HashGains a venture of US based

Futuristics Internet Services LLC

backed by IT major Cyfuture

  • Futuristics Internet
  • Services LLC
  • HashGains
futuristics internet services llc listed with

Futuristics Internet Services LLC

listed with

Better Business Bureau

withA+ rating

futuristics internet services llc registered with

Futuristics Internet Services LLC

registered with


hashga i ns brings to you once in a lifetime

HashGains brings to you once in a lifetime opportunity of its crowdsale programwhere funding would be used for building state of green cloud mining data centersin India and Canada to serve the ever growing blockchain industry.

hgs token received



website s www hashgains com ico



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