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Strategic Training for Employability and Personal Success (STEPS) PowerPoint Presentation
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Strategic Training for Employability and Personal Success (STEPS)

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Strategic Training for Employability and Personal Success (STEPS) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Strategic Training for Employability and Personal Success (STEPS). What is STEPS?.

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what is steps
What is STEPS?

Strategic Training for Employability and Personal Success (STEPS) is a holistic and systematic program assisting first year undergraduates in their career planning and career search strategies which would better prepare them for the transition into the working world upon graduation.

how is steps organized
How is STEPS organized?

There are three stages to STEPS.

Year 1 – Understanding and Exploring:

Increasing self awareness for career planning; gathering information and exploring options

- #1 Understanding Self and Identifying Assets for Career Planning

- #2 Developing a Career Portfolio

- #3 Communicate Well – It’s Your Asset

Year 2 – Identifying and Exploring:

Building knowledge and experience base; developing transferable and job related skills

- #4 Resume & Cover Letters – Your Introduction Tools!

- #5 Interview – A Meeting to Impress

Year 3/4 – Preparing for the Transition:

Refining the job search process; expanding the career search

- #6 Networking – Another Job Search Strategy

- #7 Business and Interview Etiquette

Talks on Understanding Employment Contracts, Employers’ Expectations of New Hires etc (optional to students)

how is steps organized4
How is STEPS organized?

Each stage focuses on different areas of a student’s personal development and career related skills.

Students will also be provided with worksheets to help them reflect on what they’ve learnt and how they can apply it. They will also participate in discussion groups and/or meet with the career counselors to discuss their personal reflections and clarify any queries they may have.

are there charges for steps
Are there charges for STEPS?

Yes. Students registered under STEPS pay for each Stage at the start of each academic year. They are then given a STEPS card for their self monitoring of attended workshops.

synopsis of workshops
Synopsis of Workshops

Understanding Self and Identifying Assets for Career Planning

This workshop provides the foundation for your career planning. Issues addressed include – getting to know yourself better (your skills, interests and values) and how this self-assessment can facilitate the process when you explore your career options and plan your career path.

Building a Career Portfolio

This workshop helps you realize the importance of building a good career portfolio at an early stage and also illustrates how you can keep all your career planning documents in a systematic and orderly manner.

Communicate Well – It’s Your Asset

Being able to present and communicate well is an asset to you. This workshop explores why it is important to communicate well and provides you essential tips and skills on how you can improve on your written, verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

synopsis of workshops7
Synopsis of Workshops

Resumes & Cover Letters

The resume is a tool you would use to introduce yourself to potential employers. Find out how to write a resume that best reflects your abilities. Topics covered in this session include tips on the proper layout of a resume, how to make it readable, the essential information that should be included in a resume and the basic guidelines for writing cover letters.

Interviews - A Meeting To Impress

Employers use interview sessions to assess your suitability for the job, ability to fit into the company culture as well as your potential to add value to the company. It is important that you are well-prepared for the interviews. The workshop will cover the basic do’s and don’ts of interview etiquette, how you can best prepare for the interview and what would employers expect from a candidate.

Business Etiquette and Interview Etiquette

This talk helps prepare the individual to make a better impression at job interviews as well as at work, both to colleagues and clients. It provides insight into the correct and proper protocol in business situations and how, in the global context, cultural sensitivity is essential in business etiquette.

Networking – Another Job Search Strategy

Being at the right place, at the right time and knowing the right people are important for your job search. This workshop emphasizes the importance of networking as a job search strategy, and provides insight on building a network to facilitate your career development.